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Did WWE Make An Offer to AJ Styles?

– There has been no word yet on AJ Styles signing another contract with TNA but it appears he will be working past December because of the current storyline he’s involved in. The plan is to keep him off TNA TV for a few months while he defends the World Heavyweight Title for other promotions.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there was an offer from WWE but it was one that AJ couldn’t have possibly taken because it was about one-fifth what he’s currently making with TNA.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • jcice13

    how does the WWE offer 1/5 of what he’s already making with a much easier schedule?? unless that’s the amount he would be guaranteed and he would make lots more with a push and PPV monies? but 20% of what he’s already making? that doesn’t make any sense

    • Tommy Colosi

      the math don’t add up, WWE starts at a 75k downside.. no way AJ makes 375k no way

      • JH

        I’d believe he makes around that in TNA, but it’s probably like jcice says, that’s probably the guarantee, and they probably wanted him to go to developmental so there probably wouldn’t be much more he could get from the guarantee until he made the main roster.

      • jcice13

        not to be confrontational cause I’m not but unless you know exactly what AJ makes in TNA you can’t use “the math don’t add up”, because you don’t have the math, all you have is the 75K downside and even then you don’t know if they offered a seasoned veteran that little, so they might have offered 100K for all we know and he makes 500K in TNA.

        • Tommy Colosi

          very true. but I still find it hard to believe he makes that much… I was under the impression guys like Angle and Hardy make 250-300.but it is all speculation at this point

          • Eric Chism

            I could see AJ making that kind of money seeing as he is TNA’s only home grown star. He is worth more to TNA than he is to WWE. I would guess AJ would be on the same pay scale as Angle and Sting. As of now, he only has a short term contract. At the end of the year, WWE’s pay might end up being more than what TNA can pay. Rumors are rampant that TNA is failing financially. They are struggling to pay their people.

          • jcice13

            it’s all speculation at this point for you, you’re the one who brought up the math aspect, and it’s all for others who seem to think they know what he’s making, until someone has factual info isn’t it just a moot point. we don’t even know if vince offered AJ anything at all

          • Tommy Colosi

            Not tryhing to be confrontational but isn’t that the point of the opinion section here? You seem smart so i have no problem with a back and forth. 1/5 or 20% seems CRAZY to me, I am surprised i am the only one.

            great points though, I just hate sometimes I get a reply of “It was posted on the board so its tru” or the exact opposite.

          • jcice13

            well I am very intelligent and I think the reason you don’t mind my view is because I am not coming at yours in a confrontational way nor am I calling you names and I have real muscles not keyboard ones LOL. you’re correct if, and that’s the optimum word here, IF, the WWE really offered AJ a contract(and since he’s still under contract with TNA wouldn’t that be tampering? which is another reason I don’t believe the story) why would they think that they can get him for their minimum? regardless of what anyone thinks of TNA and their product he is still a major star in the industry, whether or not that could translate to money making in the WWE that’s a story for another time but to offer and veteran of that many years in the business a “rookie” deal? I just don’t see how that can be reasonable, do you?

    • YM5

      rookie WWE contract

    • KingBack

      Because WWE can’t use him.
      He isn’t a draw for WWE and he screams TNA so what besides solid matches do WWE
      gain from signing him?

  • FrogNoodles

    What? How can you pay someone 1/5th of nothing?

  • Eric Chism

    A few months? Are you ****** kidding me?! TNA is ****** terrible.

  • Tsall13

    He’s had 10+ years on tv to make a name for himself as a star but when wwe sees him as only selling 2000 seats at a 15000+ arena and selling only 17000 ppv buys as the headliner… he’s worth díck to the wwe at that point… he will never be what everyone says he is… all his indie accolades mean nothing if you can’t sell out arenas… he’s a spot monkey at best with no mic skills what so ever… hornswoggle is more popular then tna has ever made styles…

    • JH

      I don’t think TNA runs in 15000+ seat arenas. But the fact that for their tv they struggle to get even 2000 paid, or fill a small college arena for their biggest show of the year and they can’t even fill that up.

      What’s worse though is their live events, they rarely ever draw more than 1000 people.

      • jcice13

        I’ve said this here before, I’ve been to weddings that had more people attend than some TNA live shows

      • Eric Chism

        Their live events often draw only a few hundred

      • Tsall13

        I was talking about BFG they used an arena that seated 15000 but only sold 1700 paid seats but recorded 2600 in attendance… how is he worth anything when he can’t sell anything…

        • Damian Starr

          Surely thats more to the nature of TNA’s booking rather than AJ? The booking made it so that AJ wasn’t the main attraction at BFG

        • jcice13

          but that’s not just AJ that’s the entire company, let me give you a comparison from the dark ages when there were lots of territories, you’d have the “stars” of that area and of course the “heels” and they’d wrestle in front of small crowds, but when they got to the WWE or WCW they became stars, I equate them to todays TNA stars, you know the guys, Joe, Magnus, Aries,Roode, AJ, Sabin, and every knockout and more of the men I’ve left out, they are all basically unknown to the WWE universe(I love saying that it makes me feel like an in ring performer addressing the masses for a cheap pop LOL) and every one of them could headline a major PPV for the WWE, and in front of big crowds, in big arenas every night. even though the majority of people here don’t like the way the WWE is booked we still know that it’s the difference between high school football and the NFL when it comes to running the business

      • Tyler Drummond

        They often have. They did Lockdown this year in the Alamodome which is a 60,000 seater.

  • tt2000

    I can’t see AJ in WWE. There’s zero chance of him keeping his name so what would they do with that huge AJ tattoo on his upper body? Give him a stalker gimmick and make him follow AJ Lee around?

  • cage1

    Like many others that have gone to WWE R-Truth being one of them. If you are from another promotion save yourself the time. Don’t sign with WWE. My brother worded it right. WWE is where careers go to die. Goldberg is another prime example of this.

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