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Diva Changes Her Look, Luger Talks About WWE’s Success and More

Forbes recently spoke to Lex Luger about a number of different topics. Here’s what he had to say about WWE now:

“The WWE ended up winning the war, the Monday-night wrestling wars, and took over both companies. So now it’s all one, great, big conglomerate, internationally, ginormous wrestling entertainment industry now. There’s really no close competitors.”

“I knew that the WWE wanted to rule wrestling and especially and I wasn’t surprised when Vince McMahon took the opportunity to unite both companies. They jumped at the opportunity. I wasn’t surprised at all. I knew at the time , when I finished my career at WCW, when the merger happened and I had known that the powers at Time Warner had wrestling on their television but were looking to move into other types genres. At the time, that was what they wanted to do. I felt it coming as well. I I wasn’t shocked or surprised.”

– WWE Diva Kaitlyn has changed her hair as she’s now a brunette. She tweeted:

“Please excuse the selfie. New hair. #RIPTwoTone”

Kaitlyn new hair

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  • PlanoStu

    She is so much hotter now. Great before, but the best looking Diva now!

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      At least until Paige debuts…

  • xtremeattitude

    trish stratus wannabe

    • tmeister

      You mad?

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Why’s that a bad thing? If you’re going to emulate a female star from the last generation, Trish isn’t a bad way to go. In any case, Kaitlyn’s persona’s a little bit more offbeat than Trish’s was.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Much, much, much better. Brunettes are always better. I’ve always been a Mickie James guy, myself.

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