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Diva Gets a New Name, Was Vince Pissed at Piper?, Huge Stunt for The Rock

– The Rock is doing a stunt for Fast 6 where he jumps off Wembley Arena in London. He posted the following photo from on set:

rock wembley

– Roddy Piper says he heard Vince McMahon wasn’t happy with the last Piper’s Pit segment on RAW. Piper tweeted:

“I read that Vince was angry at the last Piper’s Pit. Not a word was said to me. For the record, I DIDN’T WRITE THAT CRAP! #bemadatwriters”

– WWE NXT Diva Mercedes KV is now using the name Sasha Banks. Besides wrestling, she has also been doing some ring announcing work.

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  • Lisa

    That Piper’s Pit was awful. And unfortunately for Hot Rod, it looks like he won’t have another chance to put things right.

  • Ste Clark

    Wembley Stadium not Wembley Arena! two entirely different places. Stadium 90,000 seater football stadium. Wembley arena 20,000 seater concert hall

  • Lisa

    Ever since Mark wrote on the last post about how Cena would fuck me like a dog that’s all I can think about! It makes my giant cave of a pussy get even more stinky & wet. I would just hope that I can FEEL him too… That and he had better piss all over me, just like I wanna do to him! WORDLIFE

  • Erwin

    she’s just a step away from Sasha Grey.. or maybe they actually meant her to be WWE’s version of Sasha Grey

  • Gortex

    yep ste clark is right thats wembley stadium.

  • Fuck Off

    That Piper’s Pit was bad, but Piper is right. He didn’t write it. WWE’s writers still suck even though they canned their head writer a few weeks back.

  • james

    ah dang i was at wembley couple of days ago…

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