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Diva Too Risque For WWE’s New Kids Show?, Jerry Lawler Update

– It would appear that Rosa Mendes is too risqué for WWE’s new kid-friendly program on The CW, Saturday Morning Slam. The sultry manager was nowhere to be found on this morning’s show when her men, Primo and Epico, took on Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a tag team match. The match was taped before last week’s SmackDown taping.

The show is rated TV-G, a level lower than WWE’s general TV-PG rating. Due to the program being aimed specifically at children, it does not feature any moves or holds aimed at the neck due to what is seen as their violent nature.

– WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler continues to recover after suffering a heart attack on Raw Monday. Jim Ross provided an update on the wrestling legend’s health as of Saturday.

He tweeted, “@JerryLawler still hospitalized in Montreal but doing well. Better every day. Just needs to go slow & heal. Hopefully, will go home nx wk.”

Ross also said that Lawler will not be on hand for tomorrow night’s Night of Champions pay-per-view event: “King will NOT be @ NOC PPV. He had a HEART ATTACK Mon. Ask ur parents 2 explain. Cole won’t be going solo. I Suggest u watch.”

In regards to whether WWE will show support for Lawler this Monday on Raw, he said, “Likely an update, well wishes, paycheck.”

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  • Chelsii.

    You might as well not have any women on Saturday Morning Slam as almost all of them are wrestling in bra and trunks/panties. Get a grip.

  • Jay

    I think JR just gavs a clue about maybe a return to the booth for PPV. If not him then bring back JBL or even Mick Foley just for the NOC

  • Real Kosher

    please…this is just WNZ making bullshit speculations again…

  • jayman

    why the hell were the funkadactlys there ten
    ? by funky they mean fucking

  • Wuge

    So… Does this mean that Rosa is too hot to be on tv? Man, there’s an compliment for that woman. 😀 I would be proud, lol.

  • Fritz

    fuck off jr

  • Erwin

    well Rosa IS damn hot! Not that pretty but she has body to kill for!

  • brandon

    Not that pretty?

    Who the fuck are you, Erwin? You must be 11/10 to be saying shit like that.

  • Erwin

    @brandon chill down dude, it’s a personal opinion. I don’t think she’s that pretty compared to other Divas, so fucking what? don’t let my statement stop you from fapping to her

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