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Divas Allowed on Upcoming WWE Tour?, Kofi on TV, Big NXT Event Tonight, More

– Jim Ross wrote on Twitter that his JR’s BBQ products will be available overseas through the American Soda company beginning later this month.

– We’re seeking reports from tonight’s WWE NXT live event in Ft. Pierce, Florida at the Fenn Center. WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes will be making a special appearance and the main event will be the much-anticipated Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes match.

– Speaking of NXT, William Regal teased on Twitter that we may see NXT shown on TV in the US soon.

– Kofi Kingston filmed an episode of talk show “Daytime” yesterday. It airs every Monday in syndication and on Dish Network channel 266.

– There has been some speculation about Divas being allowed on WWE’s upcoming tour of Egypt. Divas did not work WWE’s recent live events in Qatar because of strict dress laws for women in the country. Now we know at least one Diva will be going on the tour of Egypt as Lilian Garcia confirmed on Twitter that she will be ring announcing for the tour.

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  • Muscleman

    With the on going violence in Egypt, the WWE tour will most likely be called off. But if it does go ahead as planned, Lilian Garcia will have to make do with very baggy clothing, if she has to perform the ring-announcing duties. The short and revealing dresses she usually wears are totally unacceptable in the Arab/Muslim world.

  • theoutlaw

    screw the middle-easteners they need to wake up and see that it ain’t the middle ages (no offense to muslims) but Islam is messed up if i was a WWE Diva i shouldn’t be told what i can and can’t wear by some dishonest, unfaithful, Building-Blowing Psychopaths

  • 9/11 was an inside job done by the US themselves just as an excuse to kill innocent people in Afghanistan. USA has made a bigger massacre for middle easterns than the 9/11. Stop crying. Your president did it himself.

  • matthew

    @Mindy its nice too see someone who actually thinks and does not believe everything the media gov tells them. 911 was inside job

  • rob

    ^^ 2 comments above me are spot on….9/11 was an inside job and was done to provoke the war….Muslims were not behind it …blame your ex puppet president george w bush

  • rob

    The hatefull comment about muslims has more upvotes then the 3 9/11 inside job comments…..people need to open their eyes

  • jayman

    Why dont they just let Justin Roberts announce instead or tony chimel?

  • The Truth

    WWE should wait until it is safe to go what’s going on right now it’s not safe in Egypt I just hope they know what they’re getting themselves into

  • Bad News Bro

    9-11 was not an inside job. It’s ironic that you accuse those who know that of following blindly into the media when none of you would make that horrid accusation if it weren’t for Loose Change. I can go on a tirade, but I leave this here as it says more than I can ever say on the matter – http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=911_morons

    Muslims are not the problem, it’s Muslim EXTREMISTS that are the problem. It’s no different than Christianity or any other religion in the sense that many of its followers use their faith solely to enrich their own lives while many other more sadistic people simply use it as an excuse for their hatred and barbaric behavior. To generalize a whole group of people, no matter how crazy or weird their faith may seem, is as unacceptable as the extremists who make these generalizations about us because of the rights that we have in this country. I hate filling my comments with links, but to anyone who might blame Muslims as a whole, I bid that you look at this picture from the past 2 days – http://themellowjihadi.com/files/2012/09/Sorry-People-of-America-this-not-the-Pehavior-of-our-ISLAM-and-Profit.jpg

    There are good people EVERYWHERE in this world, and we must not forget that, as they are there in the middle of all of this conflict, drowning in the sea of hate. Now, let’s keep this kind of talk OFF of this website. This is a wrestling website. It’s bad enough that I come here for news and other fans’ opinions and instead I see whole threads devoted to either mindless babble or people bitching because someone stole their name, the last thing I want is people spewing their political beliefs. It’s irrelevant here. No one wants to read it. From this point on, let’s all just stick to wrestling and wrestling alone.

  • Chelsii.

    Rob, if you call people who tell the truth about Islam hateful… I’d hate to hear what you call people who tell the truth about Christianity. Egypt’s newly ELECTED government is the Muslim Brotherhood, a more political version of al-Qaeda. Try not being such a tool.

  • Mareen

    Chelsii, aren’t you the biggest troll around here? Islam is a peaceful religion. People misunderstand it because of the alleged 9/11 attacks and because of the terrorists. Not all muslims are terrorists. Only a minority of them is.

  • >Islam is a peaceful religion

    >Reads Qu’ran

    UH UH! Wrong.

  • Also, Mareen yes… a minority. But the minority isn’t small, it’s a pretty large minority if everytime a Muslim country has fallen to rebel soldiers. The rebels install a more brutal and more extreme version of Islam as it’s law. If a well developed country like Egypt is capable in the millions of electing an Islamist group like the Muslim Brotherhood, and want to destroy the sacred and amazing pyramids. It’s not very peaceful.

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