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Dixie Carter Responds To Fan Calling Her Stupid, TNA Star Turns 40-Years-Old

– As seen Thursday night on Impact Wrestling Dixie Carter wanted Hulk Hogan to join “Team Dixie,” but the former Impact General Manager told her, “I Quit,” and walked out. Following the show, Carter wrote on Twitter, “You are so fired @HulkHogan!!!”

The TNA Wrestling President continued to push her villainous side, as she corrected the grammar of a fan calling her “stupid.”

– Abyss, who also portrays Joseph Park, turns 40-years-old today.

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  • jcice13

    wow abyss is 40?? didn’t realize he was that old..but definitely knew trixie was that stupid, and I know it’s just wrestling but when on the one hand you’re begging on your knees for someone not to quit and how you want them to be your partner in crime it really doesn’t bode well to say “you’re fired” after the fact is it?? just give me logic, that’s not asking much

    • TrollNonstopAction

      Her character is basically what the internet TNA haters have portrayed Dixie to be. Also, basically every “cowardly” villainous character in history has “fired” somebody after they have quit on their own. It means they try to look as if they have control on everything even if they don’t.

      • jcice13

        yes I know and every time I see it I have the same reaction, stupid angle, like I said I would like logic, I know we don’t get it all that often but aren’t all the great angles of the past the ones that were thought out and done with a theme and logically?? that’s what gets me the most, it’s not like these people don’t understand the concept of writing, it’s just that for whatever reason they don’t adhere to it

  • mika009

    Darlin? She types with a southern accent?

  • Guest

    dixie is the best heel ever

    • Guest

      in all seriousness i’d love for double j to comeback and hit her over the head with a guitar and take back HIS company

      • thorcules

        Hasnt been his for a while now

  • KingBack

    ”And it is DOESN’T.”


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