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Dixie Carter Responds to TNA Sale Report Rumors

Dixie Carter has appeared to respond to rumors regarding her family being interested in selling the company. Here is what she wrote on her Twitter account earlier today:

“Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed” Erica Jong #BlessYourHearts

While no one from the company has stated that the company is for sale, parties who believe the company is for sale are positioning themselves for a potential purchase. One would think that The Carters would at least listen to serious buyers.

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  • Lara_P1

    Who ever owns TNA, whether it be the Carters or anyone else, I just hope TNA goes back to what was making them successful and go on from there and prosper.

  • Trinot Grigio

    I hope TNA gets sold and prospers.

  • Tsall13

    No one wants to buy a failing company… why doesn’t anyone understand that… they won’t ever get what they want for it and their doors are just going to close… TNA hasn’t seen green numbers in 5+ years… it sold 2500 tickets in an arena that holds 15000+ for what they call their biggest ppv… on top of that they sold under 50000 ppv buys… it cost them more to rent the arena and pay for the talent that day then what they made… there’s nothing any buyer or investor can do to undo the disaster that Dixie has done to a once promising company…

    • Z….

      last I checked, December 2009-Early January 2010 isnt 5+ years ago……

      • Tsall13

        Please show me proof that they profited that year cause if they did they would of never signed on Hogan and Eric to try and turn things around… if TNA was going to succeed before Dixie bought in then why did the Jarrets need a majority owner to help them with money? It was already losing money while the Jarrets owned it that’s why they needed the Carter’s money to help them give them a life support but it only ruins a company when a non wrestling investor buys in… same thing happened to WCW… don’t try to toss out a year to make yourself sound good it only makes you look stupid… check you’re facts and look up numbers… TNA has been in the red for 5 years… hence why money bags Carter wants out of his delusional daughters failure of a purchase…

        • Z….

          according to you, they are in the red for MUCH more than 5 years. Its true that they were barely alive when Panda Energy stepped in, but that was like 8 or 9, maybe even 10 years ago. I dont see why thats even relevant at the moment…There are plenty of interviews from that time span and financial profiles that referred to them as profitable from mid 2007-Hogan deciding to make them spend a ton of money going live every week in January 2010. Their tv ratings were consistently 1.3s and they had way more ppv buys, though nowhere near a big company, it still made them money considering they were only out of Orlando for really big events and were generally taped besides a few special occurrences per year. Even back then, they were beating out WWE in the UK and they always drew rave reviews about their live events. The product as a whole was also exponentially better. They brought in Hogan at the time thinking that they just needed that 1 more push to get them to the next level…It was obviously incredibly stupid for multiple reasons, as said by multiple people at the time. Its really amazing how everyone literally called exactly what would happen. It was even dumber that it seemed like they thought that not only could they get to the next level with him, but they would all of the sudden be able to switch to mondays, go live, and go up against Raw…At the time, they really just needed that one push, but they went in the wrong direction. If they just steadily kept going at the rate they were going, they would likely be MUCH bigger almost 4 years later. Instead, its hard to believe they can even stay afloat at this point, and its been that way since February 2010…I love how all of you haters try to act like TNA has always been garbage when it isnt true. Say what you want about it now. Dont ignore the things that actually happened

          • Z….

            @tsall13:disqus since your reply to this comment isnt yet active as its awaiting moderation, I’ll just post my reply to the comment you posted here…I’m not arguing with you on where it is today. I’m simply stating where
            it was RIGHT before Hogan came in and they made all of the dub changes
            that cost them a ton of money really quickly. Nobody was expecting them
            to compete with WWE; at least I wasnt, and if they would have stayed
            that way, focusing on themselves and how to be an alternative, they
            could have kept growing. Again, not saying they would be competing with
            WWE, but I dont think it would have been out of the question to see them
            being able to actually afford going live and traveling to other venues
            for TV, and getting up to 1.7s and 1.8 TV ratings (I remember there
            being talk of wondering if they could possibly get to Smackdown’s
            ratings, which were at the time 1.7s-2.0 at its highest within a couple
            of years, which obviously seems laughable at this pint) while increasing
            their PPV buy rate that was 10x higher than it is right now. Their
            product was really, really good at that time and was moving in a good
            direction as well, before Hogan came in and decided to just flip over
            the table and turn it into another version of WCW/WWE style and get rid
            of what made the company an alternative b/c it “didnt make them look
            serious or made them look like a joke.” Who is the joke on now? I havent
            watched WWE in about 5 years, and was somewhat limited watching it for 2
            years longer than that. I watched TNA because it was different. Hogan
            took that away, and it became just as hard to watch as WWE. The only
            difference is that WWE already has established itself for decades, and
            decades as a global entity, and they can get away with having a garbage
            product. TNA obviously cant do that, especially when they started
            spending ridiculous amounts of money every single week in January 2010.
            They were already done by February of that year.

          • Tsall13

            I have no idea why it’s being stopped from posting I didn’t say anything bad towards you or TNA I think it might be blocked for now cause i said TNA is spikes ratings bìtch fir mma lead in but spelled it without changing a letter… I want TNA to prosper and succeed but it’s not a watchable or respected product anymore to many quick changes and dropped lines at a drop of a hat… plus I’m sick of seeing the same guys wrestle each other 8 years later…

          • Z….

            well I agree. I dont watch it anymore either, so if you can guess from my statements about not watching WWE in forever, I pretty much dont watch wrestling at all anymore. All I’m saying is that TNA was once on the right track and doing well, and it was as recently as immediately before Hogan came in. Then they took away what made TNA TNA

    • Mike

      It sold 2500 tickets do you realize a lot of those tickets were paper meaning they were giving away for free i like TNA but i would be surprised if they even sold 1000 paid tickets

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