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Dixie Carter Talks Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

In the newest episode of TNA Today Dixie Carter talks about “Make An IMPACT,” which will help Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

TNA encourages fans to visit tnamakeanimpact.com, like Facebook.com/TNAMakeAnIMPACT, or follow @tnamakeanimpact on Twitter to to help spread their message, share your personal stories, donate money or find out how to volunteer.

A “MAKE AN IMPACT” collector T-shirt is available for purchase for $20.00 plus shipping and handling at as well, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross aiding the relief efforts.

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  • 2caras

    But tna doesn’t copy wwe so they say

  • Brody Lawrence

    @2caras Fucking idiot! So if TNA wants to help with disaster relief out of the goodness of their hearts they’re obviously coping WWE? Dumbass!! No they’re NOT copying WWE because no one there is running for Congress.

  • Jack

    Yeah, you are a dumbass 2caras. So only the wonderfully altruistic WWE can be charitable philanthropists? If TNA wants to help people in need then that means they copy WWE? You are a fucking idiot. The WWE are the copy artists, Cena/AJ=Claire Lynch, Garrett=Maddox. As for their Be a Star campaign and Breast Cancer awareness and all their other phony interests let’s see if they continue with that now that Linda is no longer running for public office. I’d bet anyone that their Susan G. Komen team-up is a 1 time thing and won’t extend to next year or ever again. Any takers?

  • John

    What a great thing for TNA to do. And you WWE fanboys are hilarious and pathetic at the same time. This one REALLY takes the cake. Now TNA copies WWE by helping people in need. Yeah Whatthefuckever! I’m going to buy a Make An Impact shirt right now and you WWE fanboy idiots like 2caras and lisa can watch WWE carry on the Cena/AJ storyline drooling and say “YEAH NOW THAT”S GOOD TV”. Dummies! Like Jack said let’s see if WWE continues with its wonderful social conscience now that Linda is out of politics.

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