Does Stephanie McMahon Plan To Run For Office?, SuperSmackDown Live Viewership

- WWE Executive Vice President of Creative Stephanie McMahon was a special guest speaker Wednesday at the The SportsBusiness Journal’s 2012 Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology Conference in Times Square in New York City and was asked whether she has plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and run for office. She simply replied “No.”

McMahon addressed the status of the WWE Network during the conference, noting, “Right now we’re looking at a pay subscription model, not unlike HBO.” She also singled out as Ryback as the WWE Superstar to “watch out for.”

- Tuesday’s SuperSmackDown LIVE broadcast on Syfy averaged 2.202 million viewers over the course of two hours, according to This is significantly down from WWE’s last live SmackDown broadcast in July, which drew approximately 3.2 million viewers. The figure is also down from last Friday’s taped broadcast, which drew 2.878 million viewers.

The final rating is expected to be released later today.

- Ted DiBiase, who turns 30-years-old today, tweeted, “Thanks everyone for the Birthday Wishes!! Hope to see everyone here in Europe with us at WrestleMania 29!! Tickets on sale Saturday!! Get’m.”

  • Mick

    Here’s an early prediction for Ryback’s future, and it’s not how I personally want it, so bias is aside. Ryback wins the 2013 Royal Rumble, or wins whatever match to be number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship at WM29. The champion would then be either Ziggler, or Big Show. The latter is more likely to happen.

  • Alpha_Omega

    WWE need to be careful of how they push Ryback because Cena was once a hugely popular superstar unlike today where he gets boo’s and mixed reactions. They don’t want Ryback to go the same way in such a short time.

  • later marks

    They realize HBO has multiple networks?
    Who do they think is going to pay so much just for ONE network of WWE programming when the vast majority of American fans aren’t even happy with the current FREE TV programming of WWE?

  • later marks

    Ryback VS Ultimate Warrior or Goldberg would be a HUGE Wrestlemania match.
    Even Brock VS Ryback would be huge.

  • http://wrestlingvengeance Jessica

    Unlike Linda, I think Stephanie would have a very good chance at winning but I respect that she doesn’t want to get involved in politics.

  • Rybork Laserback

    Actually @Alpha-Omega, Cena got mixed reactions back in 200

  • John

    It’s Ted Dibiase Jr.’s birthday yet they made him job to Santino in their show in Zurich. FUck them and Happy Birthday Ted Jr. I’m still hoping that those WWE idiots still have big plans for you. It’s not like they have a big roster of superstars right now so how could they not push you?

    Well, Happy Bday anyway.

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