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Dolph Ziggler Comments on the Triple H & McMahon Storyline

Dolph Ziggler recently spoke with David Wilcox of and defended the Triple H and McMahon storyline.

“Honestly, if you don’t find it interesting as a fan, then it’s on you,” Ziggler said. “Some of us hardcore fans have wanted something different, and now you’re getting this blurred reality. Are these real behind-the-scenes things taking place or part of the story? And it makes it much more fun. That’s what it’s all about: suspending reality. We give you a three-hour movie. And with the Internet and people being hardcore fans and knowing what’s going on behind the scenes, you’re not sure where the story stops and real life begins.”

Also in the interview, Ziggler addressed the McMahons eventually getting their comeuppance.

“Yeah. I’m not killing it right now, but it is setting that tone,” he said. “There’s a gray area; you get to a point where they’re begging for something and someone steps up, but you also have to get there. As much as it seems to be hurting my career, personally, I hope we have sold-out arenas where people go, ‘Tonight’s the night.’ You can’t go flat-out where the bad guys win for six months — you need a nibble every now and then.

In my head, I’m begging — ‘Gosh, is this my chance? Is tonight the night where I say, ‘Enough of this crap?’ I think it’s going great, it’s totally different, getting a point across, telling a story. And it is setting the tone, I’m assuming, for something big, whether I’m involved or not. I think it’s an important turn, like Batista when he was in Evolution, getting pushed around by Triple H. You’d go, ‘Is he going to get him? Not tonight.’ Then it blows the roof off. Hopefully, that’s the story we’re telling.”

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  • godngreatnwoo

    feel bad for ziggler waste of talent

    • Jay Ess

      I couldn’t believe that he jobbed to Wyatt, clean, last night. Bray’s a great talent but save that for a feud when Ziggler is hot or Bray is more established. Smh

      • godngreatnwoo

        Yea I know hes being punished for speaking bad of orton sucks!

      • The Devourer of Dimensions

        That was punishment.

        • Jay Ess

          I know but you don’t think that’s a little harsh?

          • godngreatnwoo

            Yes very especialy considering he was just recently world champ

          • The Devourer of Dimensions

            No, it keeps Bray fresh in the fans minds by showing how dominant he is. Ziggler jobbing to santino is harsh.

          • Jay Ess

            I see what you’re saying, but I’m thinking more along the lines of what Austin thought back in 2002 when he walked out on Raw because he didn’t want to job to Brock. I have no problem with the act, but the timing is way off for me.

            IMO, I’d save that moment for a big Raw or PPV when you want Bray to really become a legit player in the Main Event scene. Then again with Ziggler being punished, guess he doesn’t carry much weight with creative at the moment.

            Funny that they’re doing this to their #3 or #4 face though. Punk and Bryan easily take the top two slots (although the order can be debated) and some would say Van Dam is a bigger face/gets a bigger reaction than Ziggler.

          • Maddox

            I THOUGHT Cena was the number 1 face :s

          • Tim van Wijngaarden

            He’s out with injury at the moment.

  • Macho Man

    Ziggler’s push is coming, though it should of happened already in my opinion. Mixed feelings on wanting him to win the U.S.Title from Ambrose at NOC. I think he deserves a better title than the U.S Championship but I guess it’s better than not having one at all.

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