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Dolph Ziggler in Trouble for Recent Interview, Another Total Divas Preview

– Below is another preview for an upcoming episode of WWE Total Divas featuring JoJo and Eva Marie hosting a houstwarming party.

– Yesterday we posted some highlights from an interview where Dolph Ziggler talked about WWE always having Randy Orton’s back not matter what. Ziggler mentioned on Twitter earlier today that he got some heat for the interview. Here is what he wrote:

Dolph Ziggler@HEELZiggler
“sites carrying the interview that got me in trouble, at least plug the shows its for?

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    This could lead to be one of the greatest storyline’s of all time

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      It’s a work and a brilliant one at that. We can now see Dolph getting the push he deserves and hopefully after this feud hopefully he will be back in the WHC title picture.

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        The way this storyline looks you could be right

  • Kayfabe Fan

    It was a work. In character interview.
    Or why would he mention it on twitter.

    • Eric Chism

      I agree and i think it is brilliant. Maybe this will build to heel Orton vs. face Dolph somewhere down the line. I am loving this “Powers at be” story line. I am enjoying it way more than I thought I would. Overall, I am loving the WWE’s product. Even the Divas are getting better. AJ’s Pipebomb was awesome

      • Kayfabe Fan

        Yeah man, they’re going the right way.
        Quality matches, angles, gimmicks.
        And NXT where pretty much everything is perfect, Tag Teams, Divas etc…

        • Eric Chism

          I hate watching that damn twitter crawl on Raw but, I like when WWE uses social media to blur the lines between backstage and on camera stuff. Keep a feud brewing through out the week. Keep a story line in the minds of fans. I love. It their best use of Twitter

    • Maddox

      Orton is gonna need someone to feud with after he beats Bryan at NOC

  • Bite Me You Loser


    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I am afraid so my friend

  • Shell


    • RandyOrtonRKO

      Triple H Troll Face LMAO

  • Macho Man

    My guess, Dolph’s comments were 75% a work and 25% real feelings. I imagine there are some hard feelings toward Orton from Dolph and other guys in WWE. The guy is a two strike WWE wellness program offender. If I’m busting my ass week in and week out and staying clean as far as the WWE wellness policy goes (such as Dolph) and getting nowhere I would be pretty pissed to. Especially if I’m someone like Dolph that can match or exceed Orton in ever pro wrestling category that is important such as charisma, mic skills, in ring wrestling ability. Dolph’s time will come, though it should have already!

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