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Dolph Ziggler Says He Hates John Cena, Plans To Be More Selfish In The Ring

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal.) of the Score TV in Canada and the Baltimore Sun recently had the chance to speak with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler about a number of topics. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

How he feels about Zack Ryder’s show ‘Z: True Long Island Story’ potentially ending: “You can’t blame that kid for making something out of nothing. He’s the reason we have a partnership with YouTube. He’s one of the main reasons we have all this new social media interaction and WWE is so big on twitter and we get so many different things trending. All because this kid tries something new outside of the box, to go out there and try and get the fans and WWE to notice him and boy did it pay off for him. And not matter what happens in the end, it was a ground breaking, outside of the box maneuver and he did it and I was more than happy to be a part of it because I thought it was something really unique and really cool.”

His thoughts on 3 hour RAW and how the extra hour benefits himself and others: “There’s a lot of up and coming Superstars who get maybe 30 seconds of a backstage scene, or maybe get to talk for a quick second, or you see him for a minute or two on T.V., every Superstar is fighting every week to be a part of ‘I just want to be on T.V. for a few minutes. I just want to let everyone see how good I am at this’. I’m one of the ones who’s constantly fighting every week for 30 seconds of air time, or maybe 5 seconds of a promo. And with this extra hour, it’s a chance to create new Superstars.”

Where a rivalry with John Cena ranks for him in his career: “He’s been someone that I’ve looked up to, but also hated for the last five years, because he is the face, he is the franchise of the WWE. And there’s been guys that have become World Champion and WWE Champion who are still second fiddle to what John Cena and whatever he has going on in his life. So this guy is the guy to be in the ring with. This is the guy to go toe to toe on the mic with. This is the guy to be in the matches with that you will be in the main event. And instead of everyone going ‘Hey you had a great match. You should have been in the main event’ people will be telling me ‘Hey, it was a great match. There’s a reason why you’re in the main event out there with John Cena, because you do what you do better than everyone else.'”

Other topics discussed include:
His reputation of making others look good in the ring and being pigeon holed as “that guy”
What does he need to do to be more selfish in his matches and career
His ‘preemptive’ comments as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
Is he looking forward to the next chapter: The Main Event?
WWE’s Partnership with HULU
Is he the type of guy to boast about his hits on online programming?
How often he watches his own matches?

The full interview is available here.

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  • Y2J

    I think he is incredibly talented in the ring and on the mic, but I hate the name Dolph Ziggler. But, I do want to see him do good and I think he will be a better champion then Sheamus.

  • LancePower

    WWE will never give Ziggler his time to shine! even If they do it will be to late. All WWE see’s Ziggler as a great seller.

  • Lisa

    Looks like yet another case of a misleading title. How I hoped Ziggler would have stated categorically that he hates John Cena. Do you people know why that would make me so happy? Because Dolph’s ass will be fired on the spot or he’ll be JOBBING to Hornswoggle next week on Raw.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Lisa, please, stop….just stop. Go ahead and downvote me, but, please, just stop.

  • rob

    Wrestling is only the 5th best thing Ziggler does.

    Being a Cunt is only the 5th best thing Lisa does.

  • Fuck Off

    I agree with Y2J. Dolph Ziggler isn’t a very good in ring name, but he has become one of the best heels in WWE over the past year and a half, and I’m hoping that at Hell in a Cell, he cashes in Money in the Bank and ends Sheamus’ boring title reign.

  • Rybork

    Dolph wins World Title and then hopefully Dolph vs Cena for the world title. Why? it would be something fresh and Cena would be over on SD too for once. Plus isn’t this whole AJ angle kind of leading up to it? Something like Aj/Cena vs Vickie/Dolph.

  • RKO

    @Lisa Ziggler won’t fired bitch! He’s still MITB and will become World Heavyweight Champion soon! so get that through your thick skull

  • SDotC

    Not only could he use a name change as suggested, but he REALLY needs a new finishing move. It’s cool because he can hit anyone with it, but it looks so pathetically weak. It’s one of those finishers where he hits it and you think “wait…that’s it? that’s his lethal maneuver? That’s his ‘stunner’?” The Zig-Zag (gay name too) has to go.

  • michelle

    So what?? John Cena doesn’t care what other superstars think of him period..

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