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Dolph Ziggler Upset With Part-timers Headlining WrestleMania, Bella Twin Takes Shot At AJ Lee

– Speaking to XFINITY by Comcast, Dolph Ziggler revealed that he is none too pleased with WWE opting to utilize part-time talent in the premiere matches at WrestleMania instead of regulars—four of the six wrestlers advertised in the top three billed bouts are part-timers. When asked whether he is annoyed or inspired by this fact, he replied “it’s both.”

“It really pisses me off,” Ziggler noted. “But, it also is good business. Every year a part timer comes back, but there’s a reason that they’re back. Whether it’s the fans want to see them, if they’re a draw, if they’re a movie star, there’s a reason that they’re back. They’re not back just to do it. There’s business to be had. And it pisses me off and it motivates me a hundred percent. It makes me want to be that guy that they’re begging to come back. I appreciate it, it’s just good business. When people come to Wrestlemania to see the Rock and the Undertaker and they leave that Wrestlemania thinking, “Wow, that Dolph Ziggler stole the show. I can’t wait to tune in to ‘Raw’ to see what he does next.” That’s how I’ve lived my entire career.”

“The Show-off” also offered his two cents on his affiliation with Big E Langston and AJ Lee, saying it’s “crazy” that he’s now a locker room veteran assisting young talent.

“As the roster is changing and we have less guys from the late 90s, unless they’re on a light schedule, I’m good enough to be giving back to young up and comers,” said Ziggler. “And it’s really cool to have someone like an AJ and a Big E. I really appreciate that they want the best, they want to know what’s going on, they want to know why I did things in a match. It helps that they were childhood fans. AJ’s dream as a child was to be a WWE Superstar. I was five-years-old and I wanted to be a Superstar. We have that bond. It makes it that much more rewarding. And we’re just getting started. Once Wrestlemania comes and goes we’ll have more time to settle in and I think you’ll see a nice trio of great talent that could be the future of the business.”

Ziggler also discusses hosting WWE Download, the wear and tear of the Money in the Bank briefcase, who he idolized growing up, and more. The full interview is available here.

– The official WWE website held a poll Friday asking who Divas Champion Kaitlyn should defend her title against. AJ Lee was the runaway winner, capturing over 70% of the vote. A member of The Bella Twins, however, pondered on Twitter whether Lee is even actually a “Diva,” while also taking the opportunity to slam her promiscuous behavior.

A fan wrote to the twin duo, “As much as I’d love to see AJ get a chance, she’s too busy smooching it up with Dolph. Go Nicole! Go B!” In response, a Bella Twin wrote, “Is she even a diva? :/ I think she’s WWE’s town bicycle. :0.”

  • frank_costanza

    I’ve been bored to tears with Ziggler since they paired him up with those two. He had a great build going. Getting rid of Vickie. Beating Orton as the sole survivor at Survivor Series. And beating Cena at TLC (Which they didn’t need AJ to do). And now he’s in a tag match with Big E at the companies biggest event of the year?!

    • Adam Thompson

      The worst thing is that Big Ego is the focus, not Ziggler. It is so stupid that they have to get Langston into every single camera shot during Zigglers matches. I’d rather watch Rob Terry.

      • jcice13

        well let’s put it in prospective, ziggler will in all probability be the champ soon and big E needs the rub, and like he says with all the part timers with big names on the card why waste dolph in a match where he might have to do the job, I mean they’ve got fandango vs jericho and fandango just got there so dolph unfortunately will have to wait a little while longer, he even knows it’s good business

  • Jerichoholic3

    Ziggler has a right to be pissed i mean he isn’t whining about the way he is being used he is just putting in his opinion on a question he was asked. Anyways ziggler has been there since late 2005 working his *ss off for the company, and sure having guus come back now is good for business and draws, but where are we gonna be about 5 years from now when jericho, rock, lesnar, taker, triple h, and possibly punk and cena? Ziggler was put in a perfect situation at tlc in which he should have gone over in, i mean if big show can put over del rio, why can’t cena put over ziggler even without losing momentum to the rumble? And now dolph has gone from main event and all of us knowing he was going to cash in a big way to the tag titles at mania, and now im not even sure if ziggler will cash in at mania. Ziggler and bryan are the best 2 “wrestlers” in the company right now. WWE needs to give them the ball and let them run with it without pulling the rug out from under them mid-way through the story

    • Rg41982

      I agree you said it best let them both have the strap and let them run with it.

    • tim

      they already gave bryan a push, its zigglers turn

      • Rg41982

        I don’t think they have him a push. It was like punk I think they just was like screw it give him the belt. He made his self hell they even fired him. And who don’t like to chant yes and no?

    • YM5

      “where are we gonna be about 5 years from now when jericho, rock, lesnar, taker, triple h, and possibly punk and cena?” thats a tough question to answer. but the real question is how likely is it that Bryan, Dolph, Seth, Roman, Miz, Wade, Sheamus and Dean?

  • Rg41982

    I’m so happy ziggler had the balls to say something. Even tho he has had a great year he stuck in a stupid tag match thrown together. Dolph has improved alot he makes all his opponents look great. I enjoy the part timers coming back but like I said more worthy people who paid dues all year should have made sure they got a match and said something. I hope they do the right thing and give ziggler his whc at wrestlemania. That is there next star waiting to blow.

    • Jerichoholic3

      I absolutely hate how wwe will give someone a giant push and then at wrestlemania just have them drop a title or something to someone that doesnt deserve it almost like wwe doesn’t trust them

      • Rg41982

        I think it’s just true what they say wwe doesn’t like people they didn’t make unless they get to much of a reaction to ignore.

        • Jerichoholic3

          About what i said i wasn’t implying daniel bryan doesn’t deserve it i just mean like in general like how they robbed bryan of a mania moment last year

  • Victor82

    Guys… Ziggler only has a tag match at WM, but at the end of that night, he will be the world heavyweight champion.

    • jcice13

      that may be but probably not until a little down the road, too much will be going on on the entire show to waste a cash in moment, I bet it will be on tv when they let dolph get the belt at least that’s how I think it should be done, damn he deserves it already right?

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Maybe I’m going out on a HUGE limb here, but I’d like to see Swagger go over ADR in a dirty finish, Del Rio knock him out cold or hurt his arm with the Cross Armbreaker (giving WWE the option to write him off TV after WM, which I’m almost sure is coming), and then Ziggler cash in right after. I think Swagger’s a very good wrestler but it irritates me that he was pushed right past Ziggler, especially since Swagger still can’t get off the weed.

      Not saying that Swagger’s the next Jeff Hardy by any stretch. He’s a good wrestler that was long overdue for a push, and MIGHT not have gotten himself into so much trouble if WWE had given him something consequential to do early in his career. If I spent six months in a row jobbing out to lesser talents, I’d want a drag every now and then, too. But weed or no, Ziggler’s at least an equal wrestler (though their styles differ) and a hundred times as good on the mic. I daresay, Ziggler has more swagger than Swagger himself.

    • Barry

      Your exactly correct rock will beat cena and dolph will come out cash the money in the bank and beat the rock, cena will turn hell at wm also he will join John laurinaitis

  • John Price

    After wrestlemania Big E & Ziggler will be tag champs AJ will be divas Champ & Ziggler will be world Heavyweight Champ … Hopefully though as it will make their group shine

  • Charles Smith

    If Ziggler wants to be upset with someone he’s looking in the wrong direction. Guys like Fandango and Big E who have done nothing to prove worthy of a wrestlemania spot, if I was a guy like Zack Ryder I’d be pissed that these guys come in and get thrown in the big show, I hope they flop.

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