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Dolph Ziggler vs…. Arnold Schwarzenegger? War of Words Leads to Storyline Speculation

– An interesting war of words took place between WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler and former California Governor and Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. The exchange began after Ziggler mentioned picking up The Terminator’s new book. This has led to speculation among WWE fans that the two may be doing an angle together. Here’s the exchange:

Ziggler: “grabbing @Schwarzenegger’s book bc once i cash in my MITB World Title contract i’ll study his workouts for the media & movies im offered”

Arnold: “Good luck with that and enjoy the book @HEELZiggler. Appreciate the support.”

Ziggler: “@Schwarzenegger haha relax brother, i dont need luck & im not a fan, just a heads up, im on my way to being a much bigger STAR than you!”

Arnold: “@HEELZiggler It’s going to take more than reading my book. You better memorize it. Then do curls with it. Then you’ll be 1% of the way there”

Ziggler: “@Schwarzenegger whatevs! Youre living in the past! #OldNews IM the future & wrestling is like, the 5th best thing i do! SHOW-OFF”

Arnold: “@HEELZiggler I’d hate to see 1st-4th best things. You’re right, you are the Show Off. Every time I see you I turn the show off.”

Ziggler: “@Schwarzenegger good one, NOT! you & the whole world can watch what i do @WWE #MondayNightRaw I STEAL THE SHOW…& you know the rest”

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  • Goldust69

    Arnie’s turn the show off line was amazing.


    Dolph Ziggler Vs Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrestlemania 30

  • Chelsii.

    If we were talking 70’s Arnold, then I’d have no problem with this. But the man has pancakes for muscles now. 70’s Arnold <3 Mmmhm.

  • tico taco

    I like Ziggler, but he needs to get some writers. Lines like, “good one, NOT!”, aren’t exactly cutting edge material. He just sounds stupid. Arnold won this twitter battle pretty easily.

  • jayman

    Lol Schwannegers last tweet made me laugh. I turn the show off. Only greats can own the Show off

  • Kayfabe fan

    Hey guys u wanna know what arnold’s finisher is called ?
    It’s the ” CHOPPA SPIN ”
    Prepare to sell zigglah

    Hur hur hur hur hur i’m fonneh ( i know lame )

  • Hawkins

    Ziggler Fact: Dolph Ziggler is the clone of Chuck Norris and Billy Mays…that’s why he has so many epic sells!!

  • Chelsii.

    ^ So you’re saying Dolph Ziggler sucks?

  • TonyT

    Oh hell….I can see an “Expendables” vs. “WWE” Survivor Series match in the future…

    God help us all if that ever happens!

  • Adam

    It would be cool to see Ziggler in Expendables 3, he would get them more money from product placements…

  • Will

    LMFAO. “Every time I see you I turn the show off.” Ziggler get owned.

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