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Dolphinz1925 Issues a Statement on WWE Leaks

Reddit user Dolphinz1925, who was the person leaking WWE pay-per-view results dating back to February, issued the following statement last night:

“Since I joined reddit, My motive has been simple: To draw attention to a very important problem and ongoing issue within the WWE industry, while concurrently abstaining from turning the community into a circus act. For these reasons, I have made my posts few and far between. I did not respond to messages, e-mails, comments, or interview requests. My goal was NOT to be the spotlight of attention, but rather to draw awareness to the inexcusable, insultingly obvious schemes that are taking place behind the scenes of the WWE. I figured the best means of action to demonstrate these schemes was to post sparingly and exclusively, before each respected PPV, and simply allow my results to speak for themselves. In doing so, I went 38-0 over a course of 5 successive PPVs; all the while going 3-0 at Summerslam after receiving news from my source that many match outcomes were being changed at the last minute.

I feel that a step has certainly been taken in the right direction, as now most wrestling fans are well aware of an existing mole within the industry. However, the primary misconception regarding the mole is that I am, or am directly affiliated with him. Rather, the mole is anonymously releasing the outcomes to a small, exclusive group of individuals; all of whom are benefiting off it at the expense of the WWE, its fans, and the integrity of their product. This had been ongoing for several months before I began to address it publicly. Eventually, this ordeal had reached a point in time where I felt it was appropriate and necessary to release a statement on reddit.

Nevertheless, I commend WWE’s noble efforts to ensure secrecy during last week’s Summerslam event. However, it is my belief that the course of action taken to resolve the leaks was merely to discredit me by changing the outcomes of matches at the last minute, rather than actually stopping the mole. They are shooting the messenger, and the leaks are still taking place. I am confident that if I went silent, the leaks would continue full-throttle, and the frankness of the product would continue to be compromised. For this reason, I think the attention should be diverted from me and rather on the mole himself

As I’ve stated before, my intention is wholesome. The last thing I want is for these leaks to persist, and to continue to witness the downfall of the integrity of the WWE; an industry that is filled with extraordinary talent and unmatched potential. I feel that putting an end to these leaks is paramount in restoring the candidness to the business. The company deserves it, the wrestlers deserve it, and most importantly, the fans deserve it. Do what’s right for business – Please stop the leaks.

Yours truly, Dolphins1925

I am NOT in contact with the mole. My source receives his information from a member who IS in contact, however the mole leaks his information anonymously”

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  • Kayfabe Fan


  • Damian Starr

    So to stop leaks you leak info? Isn’t there any easier way around this?

    • Gavin Lopez

      The people who are getting the info in advance are betting on the outcomes of WWE PPVs, usually about a week ahead of time. And they make a ton of money that way. So he’s right to try and expose the mole.

      • Eric Chism

        He also tanked it on Summer Slam. He is claiming because they changes the finish, but that is bullshit. Bryan was going to beat Cena and Orton was going to cash in. That was coming down the pipe since Orton won MITB and Cena selected Bryan for the WWE Champ match. You did not need to be an “insider” to see that coming. I picked all of the Summer Slam matches exactly right. Does that make me an “insider?” Does that mean I have access to “the mole?” All you had to do was watch WWE TV after MITB, up to Summer Slam. I like the site for the news and insights, not the out right spoilers.

      • james clinton

        wait, seriously? people actually bet on wwe? thats ridiculously silly.

  • Eric Chism

    This guy is a tool. I don’t buy that he has any “inside source.” He is just guessing based on the direction the TV’s are taking. Besides, I don’t want a spoiler for a PPV. If I am paying $50 for it, like I did for Summer Slam, I don’t want some “mole” to ruin it.

    • Bignic

      He is 41-0 so far right now. Do you really think he is guessing? If you don’t want a spoiler then don’t be on this website. He is putting the ball in WWE court right now. Lets see what they do.

    • james clinton

      Well you are wrong.
      He does have a source.
      Its one thing to be a skeptic, that sort of critical thinking is good, but you are either being naive, dumb, or just plain paranoid. He’s 41 and 0. Sometimes results are out waaaay in advance. Summerslam had changes at last minute – if you keep up on wrestling news at all you would know that people backstage have been confirming that.
      Just accept it. Someone in wwe is leaking results. There’s more than enough proof at this point.

      • Eric Chism

        Over the years, there have been leaks. I get that. What I am not buying is this guy. I don’t believe he has any connection to an inside source. Why would someone risk their job and or ruin their product by leaking results online? It is stupid. This guy is acting like he bring down some giant, sweeping conspiracy. WWE’s success is not based on this Dolphin guy.

        • james clinton

          He’s not saying their success is based on him. He’s saying him being able to leak hurts WWE, which is true. Leaks for ppvs suck.
          Dolphin doesn’t know why whoever is leaking is doing it, but the reason is irrelevant. Could be a grudge against vince, or he could be getting kickbacks from people who bet on it like gavin said, or he could just enjoy the feeling of messing with the wwe and the thrill of doing something dangerous and not getting caught. There are many reasons to leak.
          But dolphin has been at it since feb. And he has a perfect record. Every ppv except summerslam he correctly called all the matches in advance. He even retracted the results from summerslam once it became apparent things would be shifted around at last minute.
          Its the kind of record you only have if you have a source – i can guarantee you did not guess all the ppvs since feb. 100% right.
          To get technical, he even admitted he has no connection to a source – if you read the article at the bottom he says “I am NOT in contact with the mole. My source receives his information from a member who IS in contact, however the mole leaks his information anonymously”
          So he’s fairly removed from the org – but the fact is he’s got an uncanny record and its extremely plausible that there is a leaker in WWE right now.

          • Eric Chism

            OK, so he doesn’t know who the leak is, but he is getting his info from the leak? You are right. I didn’t get 100% since Feb. After I read this, I was curious about my predictions. I went back a looked objectively at who I picked. I got about 75%. Just so you know I am not inflating that number, I got a couple of high profile matches wrong and I did not pick the MITB winners correct either.It is in the WWE’s best interest to find this leak and shut it down. If they do find it, you know they will fire the person on the spot. I would think they would make people sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will not leak confidential info.

  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I do not believe that this person will ever stop telling the results of PPV’s

  • Victor82

    Where this guy announce the results? He has a web?

    • james clinton

      Judging by the fact that it said REDDIT USER in the first section, I’m guessing the reddit wrestling board.

      • Victor82

        Yes, but i don’t know this website, is not popular here in my country. So I only want to know if he has a web of his own in addition of reddit. THANKS.

        • james clinton

          oh yeah sorry, I dont believe he does.
          You’ll have to use reddit if you want to get his info… if he’s still doing it.
          It sounds like this may be his last leak as he’s trying to get corporate to step up their game.

  • james clinton

    So what site did you steal this article from steve? You forgot to source. I’ve never seen you write an article this long so i really find it hard to believe this is your original work.

  • SdotC

    Michael cOLE

  • Tamala Hale

    I hate when people spoil everything. Brock Lesnar’s return, RVD’s return, Batman Returns. Get a life and just watch the entertainment factor that’s presented.

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