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Dream Matches for WrestleMania 29, WWE DVD Series Ending, Change for NXT

– Due to NBA coverage, The Score in Canada will be airing WWE NXT at 11:30pm EST on Wednesday nights beginning November 7th. Replays of NXT will continue to air on Fridays at 6pm EST.

– The series of WWE Superstar Collection DVD’s has apparently completed its run. Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus and Daniel Bryan were featured in the series.

– WWE has an article up looking at potential dream matches for WrestleMania 29. They list:

* The Rock and Mick Foley vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan

* CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

* Ryback vs. John Cena

* AJ Lee vs. Trish Stratus

* Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

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  • GN-0015

    Team Hell No vs Rock n Sock and Lesnar vs Punk would be awesome. AJ vs Trish would be nice too.

  • Akshay

    Undertaker vs. Triple H vs.
    Shawn Michaels ……. The match that will save Wrestling

  • carlos

    God I would love to see a triple threat match between undertaker triple h and hbk and I know everybody else would as well however I feel the only way anybody would see this is if they play it on wwe13 I would bet money that we all would see ryback vs goldberg before this

  • NickNack

    Punk vs. Lesnar? Legit match right there. Punk knows Brazilian Ji-Jitsu, this could be a power vs. skill match. Something I desperately want to see.


    The HHH VS HBK VS Undertaker Would Be A Good Match But Would Destroy There Legacys
    A. HBK Is In The Hall Of Fame And Is Retired Plus He Has A Bad Knee He Cannot Wrestle Again
    B.Triple H Will Probely Have A Revenge Match With Brock Lesnar
    C. The Undertaker Can Not Wrestle His Hip Is Destroyed After Wrestlemania 28 And He Cannot Compete
    HHH Will Take On Lesnar
    HBK Is Retired So Special Apperences
    Taker Cannot Wrestle But Mabye A Royal Rumble Apperence

  • Zack

    Trish would be cool but she’d be a nice fit with fellow Canadian Natalya. Remember her career ended with a sharpshooter on Lita. Speaking of which, AJ Lee against her teen idol Lita. Austin vs. Punk obviously. Undertaker vs. Sting. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels one-on-one. I do like the Rock n Sock Connection vs. Team Hell No. Think of the hilarious promos!

  • Joseph

    Thanks God they ended. Did anybody actually waste money on those?

  • Rybork

    wow those are actually pretty cool ideas, WWE. Maybe you should actually go ahead with awesome ideas sometimes?

    I’d love to see HBK vs HHH vs Taker, yes its been 4 long years that the streak has been only involving HBK/HHH, but its never disappointed. The matches have been really high-quality every year and a triple-threat might just take it to the next level. Though yeah it will be hard to top the HIAC match last year.

    Rock and Sock vs Kane and Bryan? Why the hell not (see what i did there) It would be great.

    Punk vs Lesnar? I like, i’d rather see an underdog face Lesnar than someone like Taker, Rock, etc. Brock’s matches have been disappointing IMO, the extreme rules match with Cena was OK, the blood made it look extreme but the match itself was not that great. Triple-H vs Brock was a bore-fest to me. Punk could actually create an entertaining match with Lesnar.

  • Dro

    Undertaker VS Sting
    HHH Vs Shawn Michaels
    Ric Flair VS Mick Foley
    The Rock VS John Cena VS CM Punk
    Rey Mysterio VS Sin Cara
    Ryback VS Brock Lesnar
    HELL NO VS Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson

    That would be my WM 29!!
    Notice I don’t have Orton or Big show, they can do whatever w them..

  • Brody Lawrence

    I guess news of Undertaker’s possible career-ending injury won’t stop the WM 29 speculation. Ah, what the heck I’ll play along. Really NONE of these matches are a “dream” for me.

    * The Rock and Mick Foley vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan
    -Um, no. You’re going to bring back The Rock just to reunite his comedy team to go against the WWE’s other comedy team? Nah.

    * CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar
    -Wasn’t there just talk about putting these 2 in a Heyman faction along with Antonio Cesaro? So now the top 2 “Heyman guys” will turn on each other some how? Nah, sucks to that too.

    * Ryback vs. John Cena
    -Um, that could work. But they’ll have to turn Ryback heel again instead of having another face vs face match for Cena.

    * AJ Lee vs. Trish Stratus
    -I love Trish but WWE needs to build up the Divas division and their product as a whole with their current stars and stop relying on past stars as sutures to stop its bleeding. Build on Eve’s Stars Earn Stripes victory and have her defend the title against AJ. If Sara Del Rey is on the roster by then even put her in the mix somewhere.

    * Undertaker vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
    -No! Sucks to this idea altogether. 2 years of Taker vs HBK, 2 years of Taker vs HHH, now after announcing the “end of an era” they’re going to have Undertaker vs Michaels AND HHH?? That would reduce Undertaker’s streak to a tedious re-run. How about Undertaker vs. The Rock? When’s the last time they had a 1 on 1 encounter. I’d definitely pay to see that. If they made Undertaker fight Shawn for a 3RD time and in HHH’s case a 4TH time that would be a deal breaker for me. You also make their past WM encounters less special by repeating the same matchup over & over & over again. Undertaker vs Rock would be so much better and original.

  • Jbreed

    Enough of all this talk about dream matches. It’s time to stop relying on old, inactive wrestlers and give the ball to the current talent (Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett etc.) and let them run with it.

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