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Dutch Mantell Addresses “New Job” As Zeb Colter, Promotes Impaired Driving Awareness Campaign

After resurfacing in WWE last month as the vocal Zeb Colter following years of dormancy from mainstream wrestling television, Dutch Mantel has broken his silence on his affiliation with Vince McMahon’s organization.

“Hey guys…sorry I haven’t been around much but since I’ve gotten a ‘new job’ I’ve been running like crazy,” wrote Mantell on Facebook. “There’s not enough time in the week to handle all the things now. I’m not leaving, I’m just having to back out for a while. I’m the same guy…just with a different perspective now.”

Mantell then asked his Facebook friends to continue supporting this online campaign raising impaired driving awareness in support of his late granddaughter, Amanda, who instantly died last summer due to a head-on collision with an impaired driver. Her automobile collided with a car driven by a man named John Perkins, “who had decided to get high on a mix of Oxycontin, Xanax, and Meth and then drive.” Mantell however, does not acknowledge associate Jack Swagger’s arrest last month on charges of driving under the influence, marijuana possession, and speeding.

“Keep supporting Amanda and the cause and I promise, I’ll be back soon with the Dutchism’s and the BS,” Mantell wrote. “I have a lot of great stories to tell…funny how life changes. What a story. I’ll keep it until the next book. You won’t believe it. Take care…keep watching. This could get very interesting.”

  • Rako

    “who had decided to get high on a mix of Oxycontin, Xanax, and Meth and then drive.”


  • mindyourownbusiness

    Wow so apparently Daniel Pena doesn’t see the difference between ALLEGEDLY (he hasn’t been convicted of anything and since there’s no test to determine if a driver is high on weed or not there’s no way to prove that he was anyway) driving high on weed and driving high on meth and hillbilly heroine. There’s a HUGE difference and as somebody who uses medicinal marijuana to deal with the effects of chemotherapy I find it disgraceful that you would even bring that up. It’s borderline slander to equate marijuana use with “Oxycontin, Xanax, and Meth” which are drugs that KILL people everyday. It’s at the very least a complete disgrace that this is passed off as news and I hope you think about what you’re actually doing when you post bullshit like this.

    LET SWAGGER SMOKE it’s none of your business.

  • Mac

    I would like to now his thoughts on the Jack incident.

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