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Early Betting Odds For The WWE Extreme Rules PPV Event

WWE World Heavyweight title
Early betting odds for the WWE Extreme Rules PPV have been released. Check them out here:

– Roman Reigns is -400 over A.J. Styles at +280 in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match.

– Rusev is -180 over U.S. champion Kalisto at +140.

– Cesaro is the favorite in the IC Title four-way match at +110. The rest of the field (Miz, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn) is at -150.

– New Day is -245 over The Vaudevillians at +175 in the WWE Tag Team Title Match.

– Charlotte is -310 over Natalya at +230 in the Women’s Title match.

WWE Extreme Rules will take place on May 22, 2016, at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. The show will air on the WWE Network and some traditional pay-per-view outlets.

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  • jcice13

    I was saying that maybe it’s time for Rusev to beat the midget like the odds now….

    • Mike

      Don’t we complain that wwe is supposedly a big mans world? Comments like that don’t help.

      • jcice13

        I’m not here to help the WWE I just don’t like when they ask me to suspend my reality as a 5’2″ 150lb man is beating someone who’s been a monster in the ring for years(I’m speaking about Ryberg), a man who used to beat 2 guys at the same time and lift them both up for his finisher. but I am only speaking for me, if anyone has a different opinion? well that’s fine, and I believe that the basis of the complaint you referenced is that it’s the performers that are muscle bound and can’t work a lick.if a big guy like say Cesaro, or even a Steen and many others are being put over I don’t see where there’s any complaints…and in closing, there’s a psychological and sociological feeling that it’s a big man’s world or at least people believe that men of stature are in some way for lack of a better word, better than their shorter counterparts..it starts at a very young age and it’s sort of drummed in.but don’t shoot the messenger here because it’s not me believing it but what years of studies have shown..and I also speak first hand being 6’7″ and seeing how people react to me and what their perception of any abilities I may or may not possess

        • Mike

          Kalisto isn’t 5foot 2. He is about 5 foot 6. Also they’re not having a straight fight, it’s a wrestling match. The smaller uses quickness and skill to beat the guy. It’s not like he is using power and out brawling him.
          But i respect your opinion.

          • jcice13

            well yeah we are just having a discussion so I respect your rights but I have to disagree.using your logic vis-a-vis the quickness and skill to beat a bigger man that makes no sense for the sole reason that’s why they have weight classes in amateur wrestling.I went to college with a national champ and he weighed 130 or whatever that weight class near that number is.he would wrestle the heavyweight from our school who just so happened to be king kong bunny’s brother..it was a work out they were just praticing.Bundy’s brother was good but no had where near the talent george had, but bundy would toss him around like a rag doll because he out weighed him by over 100lbs… no matter what george did it was to no avail…and the reason was at some point in time he had to get close enough for Pallies to grab hold of him and once that happened it was over..and you’re a wrestling fan and you know they lie about heights.if they list Kalisto at 5’6″?.. he’s shorter
            like I said I wish I could just sit there and suspend my realism but to me it’s just too much…

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