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ECW Original Comments on Tammy Sytch’s Recent Arrests

Following her 5th arrest friends of Tammy Sytch have commented on her situation. Former ECW original Axl Rotten posted the following on his facebook account tonight:

Will someone PLEASE step in and help this woman. I love her so much, I consider her a great friend. PLEASE Tammy get help. REAL HELP. Walk away from wrestling and get your life in order. Please do it for you !=AXL ROTTEN

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  • J.

    Not trying to knock Axl by means but if he considers her a “great friend” then why doesn’t he step in and help her instead of waiting for someone else?

  • Rg41982

    I agree. Remember when we were and still are waiting for Scott hall to die? Well looks like Tammy has jump ahead of hall and now were waiting for her to die.

  • matthew

    This is not good for Linda McMahon

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