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Edge & Beth Phoenix Dating, Good Feedback On WWE’s New Live Event Set

– WWE is getting great feedback on the new set that’ being used at live events. Wrestlers’ entrances come across better, as do the promo videos that air throughout the show. Even though the new set blocks off a lot of seats, WWE rarely sells out the arenas at live events, so it’s not much of an issue.

– As previously reported, WWE Hall of Famer Edge and Beth Phoenix attended a recent NHL hockey game on 5/30. The two are indeed dating.

Beth Phoenix had previously dated CM Punk, who is currently romantically linked with Lita, who infamously cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • Brent

    Wonder of this is something edge and punk set up? haha

  • rob

    those divas sure do get around backstage

  • Matthew

    @rob: And Punk doesn’t? What a double standard. The ignorance in this world.

  • brandon

    Women get around in general.

    Have you ever spoken to one for more than a minute?

  • Flybytre

    Just Because you’re dating don’t mean you’re having sex.

  • Mindy

    Lita and Punk are NOT dating. They’ve been friends since 2004 and they dated for a brief amount of time in 2009. They broke up. And know they are just best friends. As a matter of fact Lita herself has said that. I used to run Lita’s official fansite, so I should know this.

    And Beth is crazy, first her ex-husband, then Idol Stevens, then Cody Rhodes, then CM Punk and now Edge.

    Girl, calm down a bit.

  • Alexinho

    The glamazon just cant be tamed she needs the dick

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