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Edge Names Major Difference Between His & Daniel Bryan’s Retirement

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Edge stopped by the Talk is Jericho podcast to promote his WWE Network show and speak with one of his best friends in the business. As the two spoke, Daniel Bryan retiring was brought up. Like Bryan, Edge had to retire due to injuries, but sees their retirements having a major difference.

“I was already mentally and emotionally preparing myself for [retirement], so it didn’t hit me as hard as I think maybe it does some […] whereas, I think, it’s harder for Bryan that he had a lot more [left to accomplish],” said Edge. “Yeah, he still wanted it and so that makes it more difficult. And I’m sure he’ll go through a mourning process because, even though I was ready, I still went through that.”

Since Edge retired almost four years ago he’s tried his hands in Hollywood and other projects. Catch him every Monday, along with Christian on the WWE Network, as their new show continues to air after RAW.

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  • Desmond Davies

    It was nearly 5 years ago not 4, he retired just after WrestleMania 27 which was 5 years ago

    • Kyle

      Both wrong, 6

      • Lemmy Is God

        He retired in 2011, a week after wm27…it was 5 years ago

      • Desmond Davies

        It was 5 years ago


    Edge should grow his hair back at least a bit,he looks a bit odd with that hair cut.

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