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“No Enhancement Needed” – Randy Orton Gets Real About Brock Lesnar

The Viper Randy Orton made waves at last night’s Battleground pay-per-view when he interposed a shoot reference to Brock Lesnar’s recently failed UFC drug test. Returning after a nine month layoff due to injury, Orton joined Chris Jericho for an edition of Highlight Reel. After Jericho smugly remarked that Lesnar was going to take Orton to “Suplex City”, Orton grinned and bore it,  responding with an air of latent vitriol.

“What is it about 20 suplexes, that’s how many it takes to get to Suplex City?” Orton said, “Well it only takes one RKO to get to Viperville.” He then added sharply, “No enhancement necessary.”

This jab at Lesnar, who’s UFC 200 win over Mark Hunt was marred by an anti-doping violation, is the first shot fired between the two as they prepare to build their upcoming match at Summerslam on August 21, 2016.

This may, however, be a case of the pot calling the kettle black as Orton himself was the culprit of a wellness policy violation back in 2012 and the rumor was that the positive test was for the anabolic steroid, Dianabol.

Still, the best build ups are always the ones that mix fact in with the fiction.

Watch Orton deliver the line in this video courtesy of WrestlingNewsSource.com.


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  • Si Nicholls

    Lol says Orton who had a 3rd failure buried to keep him from being released after his 60 day suspension for his 2nd violation

    • Evil Edy #HeelTurn!

      Working with an injury without consulting WWE doctors can also get you a wellness violation.

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