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Enhancement Talent: Jobbers Return To WWE

For two consecutive weeks, Braun Strowman has made quick work of some “local talent.” The jobber of old, which is a dynamic that has been unutilized recently, is back to enhance certain full-time performers looking for a boost in stature.

Stature, in the sense of fan perception. As Strowman could hardly be any larger of a human being. But the feel good concept that hearkens to before The Golden Age, and all through every nostalgic age thence, brings back that old-school fan’s smile. Daresay, the “lost” smile?

Nay. Dare not say.

Suffice it to say, however, that the myriad throwbacks which are becoming manifest in the new product give credence to the adage, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” And sometimes such little things do make the big things better overall.

#NewEra would seem to be #NewEraWithOldFlavor. And that’s fine. Just fine.

Watch Strowman lay absolute waste to a couple jobbers here:

And here:

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