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Eric Bischoff on His Current TNA Role, Behind the Scenes & More

Eric Bischoff spoke with Bob Kapur of SLAM! Wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview.

On TNA’s current position: “As someone who is very clearly associated with and very much invested in it emotionally, I want to see it succeed, obviously. I think the business, and the television business, is an extremely competitive one. It’s difficult for a lot of people and for a lot of networks. We’re competing with general entertainment, we’re competing for extremely valuable real estate on a very important television network that’s owned by a very important media conglomerate. But I think there is a ton of potential in TNA. It’s uniquely positioned to grow, and to become much larger in many ways than it is right now.”

On his role behind the scenes in TNA: “My role doesn’t extend to the hiring and firing or recruiting. That’s the business side of TNA’s business, and I’m not involved in that. My partner Jason Hervey and I are the Executive Producers of Impact. Essentially, my role is: to oversee the creative side of the production; to be involved in post-production as is necessary; to execute the creative direction and vision of each episode; to work closely with the network to make sure the TNA side of the equation understands the network’s goals; and to be the liaison for TNA on the production side of things so that the network understands what our challenges are, and where we’re going, and what we’re trying to do. My involvement is really limited to the show itself. I’m not involved in many aspects of the business that the internet would suggest I’m involved in.”

On his son Garett Bischoff becoming a pro wrestler: “I’m extremely proud of him. I’m very, very proud. It was a goal of his, something that he’d wanted to do since he was extremely young, as a child growing up – which I didn’t really find out about until just a few years ago when he broke into the business. I’m very proud of him for working hard to do what he’s needed to do. Clearly he had an advantage in getting into the business, I think everybody understands that, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was a factor. But he also has had to overcome a lot because of who he is, and because of who I am. And he’s handled that really well. But there’s a part of me that knows – and I tell him this – that this is an extremely difficult business, more difficult now than it’s ever been. There’s really only one big place to work, and TNA is what TNA is and where they are. It’s a tough career choice when there are really only two car manufacturers and one’s in mass production.”

His thoughts on the Internet Wrestling Community: “Unfortunately, the internet, the dirt sheets, the blogs, whatever you want to call them – a lot of them are operating with partial information. And that hurts a lot of the different parties involved. It hurts the talent in certain respects; it hurts the business in certain respects; it hurts the credibility of the people who write about things that they don’t fully understand. It’s unfortunate, but that’s the nature of the business.”

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  • Aaron

    Garett Bischoff has no business in a wrestling ring! Him and Wes Brisco have no redeeming qualities in the business!

    • Daniel Vollmer

      agree! Garett hasn’t wrestled a match on tv in two months…what’s his deal? Also, he is in the aces and eights and they let Doc and Devon go over him? ha ha

  • Aaron

    The Internet Wrestling Community are the heart and soul of the fan base, Eric!

    • TrollNonstopAction

      Not by a million miles. If it was true Cena wouldn’t have been Cena for the last 6 years.

      • Aaron

        Guess what, you come to sights like this! That means you are part of the IWC! Fans that come to these sites are the heart and soul of the fan base!

        • TrollNonstopAction

          No they are not. The “heart and soul of the fan base” (cringe) are the normal fans. Those who get hooked after a while and barely understand what’s going on in the show. Those who are intrigued and want more, but watch mainly one company.And the kids and teens. Those people are who make the biggest money.
          The IWC is very small compared to everyone who is a potential viewer. Every company wants to get new viewers, not to keep the IWC watching, because they already know they will.

  • jcice13

    who hires garett if his last name isn’t bischoff??? the talent they’ve let go from their little audition skit is far better

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