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Eric Bischoff on What TNA is Missing

Hulk Hogan spoke about things TNA needed to be successful during a recent Q&A at last week’s Fan Expo in Canada. Hogan said, giving Bischoff “the keys to the car” would help take the company to the next level.

Eric Bischoff then noted that the challenge for any wrestling company is to be competitive in the television environment, not just with WWE. “For me, the one thing that I think it would need for TNA to really thrive is a network environment, or a television environment in general, that is looking to create a star and looking to put resources behind the product itself,” Bischoff said.

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  • Charles Smith

    I think the biggest problem in not only TNA but all pro wrestling is a sense of realism. Let’s be honest pro wrestling is fake and if you don’t know that hopefully one day you’ll grow up but there has always been a sense of realism, guys would get hit over the head with a chair and get “busted” open or if they where gonna do something to someone they committed to it not like Kaz did a couple weeks ago when he tried to throw a Martini into Jeff Hardy’s face. Stephanie just compared the WWE to a movie and said that everything that happens should be seen strictly as “entertainment”. There’s no is it real factor except when guys like Punk or more recently AJ Lee get out there and verbally assault people throwing out inside need about people giving it and edgy feeling. With MMA out there showing what a real fight is like they are just playing pretend. Not to say that people dont get hurt or bleed but its frowned upon because it looks too violent. I think that violence is necessary, kids watch it and see a guy get hit with a chair and he just gets knocked loopy and they’re like OK that’s not so bad, but if they got busted open a kid would be like holy crap I don’t wanna do that. Maybe its because I grew up on the attitude era but there’s a reason why thats the golden era, why it’s constantly being compared to.

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