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Eric Bischoff Denies Backstage Heat on Hulk Hogan

As reported earlier, there reportedly was heat on Hulk Hogan in TNA for booking a licensing deal with 2K Sports to appear in the WWE 2K14 video game. Eric Bischoff since then has shot down reports, stating that there is no deal between both parties. Bischoff posted the following Tweets:

“Interesting to read the ‘choir of idiots’ suggesting that Hulk did a deal with 2K Sports. Illustrates just how ignorant these ‘experts’ are And how these ‘experts’ are attempting to frame a narrative to sell thier b.s.

“There is no Hulk Hogan/2K Sports deal. WWE is simply utilizing tradmarks/assets they currently own in a repackaged video game. Nothing new. But thats not what the parasites and morons who run dirt sites want you to know.”

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  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Oh my god.

    Steve Carrier, didn’t spell check.

    • james clinton

      steve carrier didn’t write the article. he copy pasted something someone else wrote.

      • The Devourer of Dimensions

        Still could’ve done a spell check.

        • james clinton

          Oh yeah, I know.
          I’m just saying he’s a lazy turd who gets paid regardless of how bad his articles are, so he’s not going to waste his time doing that.
          Why have quality standards when you get paid the same to not have them?

  • Charles Smith

    That’s true wwe owns the image rights to the red and yellow hulk hogan. That’s why we haven’t seen him where it much in TNA if at all.

  • jcice13

    hey even bischoff tells the truth once in a while of course the WWE owns the rights DUH

  • YM5

    Bischoff is lying to save face, EVERY character in the game signs individual deals with 2K regardless of whether or not WWE owns the rights (which they don’t because Hogan owns his likeness)

  • Devon

    Bitchoff sucks

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