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Eric Bischoff Responds To Bret Hart, Calls Him A “Sad, Broken and Bitter Person”

TNA Wrestling producer Eric Bischoff appeared on Inside The Ropes Thursday night where he addressed critical remarks from WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

On Bret Hart’s run in WCW: “I had spoken to and met Bret several times before he made the jump. I was obviously excited to have him but clearly Bret Hart was a very broken….and in my opinion still is, from the interviews I hear him do, a very sad, broken and bitter person. That was pretty evident when he first came over. He was a shadow or a shell of his former self. Wherever Bret was, the high point of his character, what I got was a kind of broken, sad shell of that and quite honestly I don’t think he’s ever come out of it.”

On Bret’s recent comments saying he “knows nothing about wrestling” and calling him “an idiot”: “It’s not unusual for guys like Bret Hart, from that era….the only way they know how to get over is to get over at the expense of someone else. Bret Hart’s trying very hard to stay relevant. Unfortunately, he’s no longer relevant. He was a big star, he had a big name at one point, he was an important character in the history of the business but he’s not any longer and I’m sure that’s hard on him. I know myself how it feels to realise that that your biggest and best days as a performer are behind you. I’m very comfortable with that, I’ve embraced it but it’s hard for a lot of guys who’ve never been anything other than performers. They have a hard time with that. It’s not easy getting older in the wrestling business, believe me, when you’re surrounded by younger and younger people who in many ways aren’t as over or as skilled or as popular as you may have been or still are now. But this business is a business that’s served by youth and change. And for someone like Bret, that manifests itself in his personality, lashing out at others. It’s funny, when he came to me he hated Vince McMahon, he hated everyone in the WWE from the office to half the roster. He didn’t have a good thing to say about any of the McMahons. Then when he got the opportunity to go back and work for them, he had to shift that. Then his hatred was for someone else like Bill Goldberg for giving him a concussion and now it’s for me and for Hulk, there’s no rhyme or reason for it and as far as his opinion of my value and what I’ve achieved in the wrestling business, I’ll let my body of work and success speak for itself.”

His future in TNA: “I really don’t plan on being in the wrestling business too much longer and I say that in a very grateful and positive way. This business has been great for me and my family. It’s been almost 30 years. I’m still shocked to this day. My goal now isn’t to accomplish anything professionally, because I’ve kind of been there, done that. My goal now and this is gonna sound kinda corny, I really like teaching. I like watching guys like Matt Connaway and Dave Lagana, watching them grow into new areas that they haven’t been able to get into before. Someday, hopefully, in the near future, I’m going to be able to walk away from this business and when I do, I want to be able to know that I was able to shape, in one way shape or form, guys who will carry on and be the future of the business.

Bischoff also talked about signing Randy Savage to a WCW contract, comparisons between Aces and Eights and the nWo, and much more. The full interview is available at

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  • jcice13

    as much as I don’t like to agree with bischoff, bret has looked like a disgruntled unhappy person since montreal, too bad, sort of think he believed in his character 24/7, I imagine that can happen when you’re entire life was to be pushed to the max to be in the business

  • Sean Reena

    Heh. So much for burying the hatchet huh Bret?

  • Y2J

    I’m definitely not a fan of Bischoff, although I did like his on-screen Raw GM role, I totally agree with about Bret. He’s an irrelevant, bitter, broken shell of what he once was.

  • PlayBoyBuddy Rose

    wow!… first time i ever LIKED anythang about Bischoff… very well said…

  • Rob

    Would be a very good point if it wasn’t ERIC BISCHOFF making it. Embracing youth and change? Give me a break.

    And the problems Bret’s had in his personal life caused by the business he gave his life to, I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. For that I can understand why he’s found it hard to stay positive for all these years

  • Ralph Weaver

    I’m no Bischoff fan, never have been. But he definitely appears to satisfied with his history and his past role in the professional wrestling profession. In addition, I have a lot of admiration and respect for Bret Hart. He’s had to get thru a lot of crap and has dealt with it in a way that would be difficult for most. That said, I think both of these men have contributed much to this industry and both should just stop casting stones at one-another.

  • Matt

    I got as far as “Bret Hart tries really hard to stay relevant” and stopped reading right there. Bret KNOWS he’s not a relevant factor anymore, but can still add a little star power when he appears as he was a legit legend and was cut down in his career cos of a lumbering ape called goldberg. And as for “trying to stay relevant” bischoff is the pot calling the kettle black as he and hogan haven’t been relevant or done anything of note since nWo (sure hogan had a brief run in WWE and as did bischoff, but what did they do when there?? NOTHING OF NOTE and NOW they’re CLAWING AND SCRATCHING to remain in the lime light over in the sham that is tna and they’re keeping younger better MORE DESERVING GUYS that built tna down and killing the company slowly. Bret Hart does an interview here and there and tells the truth, the only bitter person here is bischoff cos he couldn’t write for Bret’s character back in WCW cos he’s a clueless oaf and he knows it and Bret has openly said what ALL wrestling fans with a brain know and that is bischoff is an idiot and hogan is worthless and together they both know nothing. If proof is needed they BOTH have claimed “Garret Bischoff is the FUTURE of wrestling”……..OK GUYS, whatever you say, they need you back at the home now, please, go away and dont return! Who the hell thought bischoff would make a good interview????? Seriously, guys a retard and a liar. Heard a few things with him saying one thing when situations have already played out and the truth is known to the fans yet he STILL tried to tell us black was white! Someone, please, shoot him in the knee cap!

    • ugo17

      you are indeed fooling yourself. have you seen the so-called truth in this hypocrite called Bret? he doesnt know that Russo left TNA a long time ago. whats more interesting is that he bashes TNA by previously calling it a bush league, and now says it is full of WWE rejects. it is astonishing that he then said he wants AJ styles and Samoa Joe to be in WWE. THAT IS SHEER HYPOCRISY and if you see dont see it then you are moron.
      was it not the same Hart that hated VKM bad to the bone when his Brother died in WWF?? was he not the same Bret that hated VKM and the family when he came to WCW?

      a snake is always a snake. AS for TNA the product atm is great and WWE RAW SUCKS SO BAD

      • Matt

        tna IS bush league. They have NO consistency with most things and Bret was speaking the truth. the WWE rejects all got pushed to the top of the tna pile. And the tna originals got crapped on by the company they built. tna used to be ok, then they signed hogan and co and did you hear all of the Bret Hart interview??? Cos he said he stopped watching when hogan and the fail team took over so how would he know that russo left??? He ALSO says that he told Benoit that he’d never get the break he deserved until he jumped to WWF and acknowledged that the situation between him and WWF was bad cos of the screwjob but he still knew WWF could do things RIGHT and push those that had talent rather than the old guys who think they’re still in their prime at like 50 years old. Who cares what Bret thought about Vince for the screwjob, he still knew he was the best guy to be working for in the industry and as details emerged about Owen’s death, that idea was all RUSSO’s stupid idea so the blame wasn’t all on Vinnie Mac, and think about the point you tried to make with Owen, if your brother died at work REGARDLESS of what the job is, you’re gonna tell me you wouldn’t be vexed at the boss of the company???? Pull the other one. And on to AJ and Samoa Joe. HE didn’t bury them, he said that hogan cant build them cos he doesn’t know how. And he praised AJ who USED to be a good wrestler but cos he’s been tna for so long, he’s useless now (that last part was my observation, Bret just praised him and wanted him to jump to the BETTER company WWE where he could get a break he deserved). And yeah, RAW isn’t doing great right now, but you know what, as bad as it may be or may get, it will NEVER be as bad as tna on tna’s BEST day. It’s fairly obvious you’re a mark for hogan and team failure and tna, and if you actually believe the lies they tell people every year about “Ratings are up, we’re doing awesome and theres so much to look forward to” you’re a fool to yourself. The ratings have been the exact same for the past 10 years, they’ve dropped a little even (the first show with Bubbah Ray as world champ actually lost ratings) and that they are touring now cos they want to not cos the Universal studio’s decided to start using the “impact zone” for making movies now and refused to re-sign the lease so it’s either tna tour or stay off the air and that they lose MILLIONS in ppv buys cos the cut back ppv’s too now even though they dont even get 1500 people STREAMING their ppv’s for FREE, if you believe any of that, you’re as DUMB as a mule and even stupider than dixie carter who actually believes her own BS! Over HALF of the people who used to work for tna have nothing but bad things to say about the company and most of those bad things are aimed at none other than the idiots you tried to defend, BULK BOGUS AND ERIC “I WISH HE’D JUST” PISCHOFF! tna MARK! Thats all you are bud, feel bad for your parents for raising such a blu-tard!

        And P.s it’s “You are A moron” not “You are moron” MORON!

  • Ray King

    WOW, Bischoff calling Brett irrelevant, it might mean something if Bischoff was ever relevant.

  • Alyssa Nixon

    I disagree with Bischoff, Bret Hart is still relevant to old school fans, and most Canadians. He is not only a local legend, but a national legend.Though people deem him as “broken” in interviews, I truly believe he has moved on from the montreal screw job, and only expresses his opinions of Eric in a professional sense. I mean, WCW was a crap show that couldn’t make it through the WWE Attitude era, (which is arguably the result of the Montreal screw job). Maybe Hart sounds empty and broken, but he has a valid point, and always backs up his arguments with certain behind the scenes facts. Even Vince McMahon has made demeaning comments about Bischoffs business decisions. As for Bret changing who he hates every couple of years, if you look at what happened it makes sense. Of course he hated the McMahon’s, and of course he disliked Goldbergs lack of wrestling technique and abilities, and Hulk Hogan was the first to slander Bret before Bret even released his book, “My real life in the Cartoon world of wrestling”, Its a double edged sword for Bret, if he speaks truth he’s called bitter. Hogan was never a great wrestler, he just had a massive following and charismatic personality. Eric didnt know how to run a wrestling show (proof is in the pudding) and both of them have been talking crap about Bret for years, its a never ending cycle of slander and backlash.

  • Luis Felipe Alonzo Mendez

    well it´s been a long time since montreal and that,was the worst thing that ever happens to the bussines ,maybe bret is old now but he´s still a legend bischoff never gonna be ,hart had acomplished a lot of success in his career his well known all over the world yet,and he always be a legend but eric just have the tittle of being the man who took wcw to nothing that´ll be his true legacy he has all the rigths to say what he wants but called bret a bitter and broken no way not even in his wildest dreams eric now is taken TNA to the same place he sent WCW to the toilet and don´t forget to flush it eric that´s what you know best

  • Jaydn Lebsanft

    At the end of the day bret may not be relevant as much enless your an old school fan like i still respect him and he will get a big aplause if he rocks up at raw or that he may not be the man he once was but at the end the day doesnt every wrestler change and not become as relevant

  • Penny Kurzer

    i feel sad for this man and anyone who thinks what makes them important is people, jobs, or anything like that. i’ve lost a lot of things especially my health. I’m home almost 24/7 and my only times out is to the doctors and theraphists. i have a boat load of things wrong and the doctors can’t even keep it straight. i have 4 doctors, use to have more so its gone down some. i’m afraid to say how i’m feeling thinking man if i mention anything else they will give it a name and say i have it. they are things that could possibly kill me but death doesnt bother me. even being home all the time i find ways to instead of being down, i have a Lord who builds me up and looks at greatness in a much different way.
    if you care about people and know them well then find out what maybe you can do to help them. easy enough to talk about it, harder to do. but try.

  • Penny Kurzer

    i don’t know much about the wrestling. i’ve only been watching it about 3-4 months. all i know is if anyone calls themself a friend in this business you had better act it then and support someone that is not getting what they are suppose. you don’t step in and help them and call yourselves friends and worry more about your jobs that the friends, then i think you’d all better rethink what you call friendship. i would never and have never done that.

  • Penny Kurzer

    thank you bully but i truly hope you meant it. if seen real gangs before and there is nothing they are sorry about except that maybe they missed a chance to wipe a person off their feet for good.

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