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Eric Bischoff On The WWE’s Cruiserweight Division

On the latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast “Bischoff On Wrestling”, Bischoff shared his thoughts on the WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic and the prospect of crossover with the main show.

When Bischoff’s co-host Nick Hausman asked what his initial thoughts were about the CWC, the former president of the now defunct WCW provided some thoughtful criticism.

“This is just my perspective,” Bischoff said, “But I kinda felt like guys were trying too hard to mimick, or copy, whatever the word is, introduce too much of the MMA kind of style into their wrestling repertoire.” He continued, “And that’s fine for a couple of guys or one guy in particular if that’s his character. But when I see guys doing it over and over and over again, I just get numb to it. It gets a little boring for me. So I would probably ask the guys, if it were my show, to be a little more judicious with how often they use submission techniques or attempts.”

Bischoff also pointed out that it seemed like some guys were going too fast. As a result of this, they were forgetting to tell a story in the structuring of their matches the way a guy like Bret Hart used to apply a stringent ring psychology to the ebbs and flows of a performance overall.

Hausman then asked what Bischoff thought about the cruiserweights not being rebranded and using the same names and gimmicks that they’d had on the indy circuit.

“Well I think it hearkens back to 1995 when I watched Nitro,” Bischoff said, making the caveat that he didn’t want to make this about him but that the topic is one dear to his heart. “One of the things that I did to be different than the WWE is let guys use their own names. I wasn’t interested in repackaging and giving somebody a brand new gimmick and dressing them up in different color outfits and trying to create a whole new character like the previous one didn’t even exist. That wasn’t my goal.”

Bischoff went on, “Bill Goldberg was Bill Goldberg. Scott Hall was Scott Hall. Kevin Nash was Kevin Nash,” He said, “And part of that is the believability and the reality. When I’ve talked previously about bringing reality into the wrestling business back in 1995, one of the little things that we did was start allowing guys to use their own names and not giving them gimmicks.”

Hausman wanted to know what Bischoff thought about the perceived novelty of that idea in the CWC, despite it being one of Bischoff’s innovations in the industry. Bischoff stated simply that time goes by and the audience turns over. A lot of people watching may not be aware of what they did back in ’95.

“I just think its cool,” Bischoff said, “What was old is new again.”

In regards to the Cruiserweight Classic talent crossing over with the WWE main show, Bischoff provided some unambiguous considerations.

“Honestly, if I had my hand in the cookie jar right now,” He said, “I would want the division to feel so fresh and so different than everything else that I am seeing on RAW. I would avoid, as much as I could, crossover with the RAW roster. All the new guys that are born out of this Cruiserweight Classic, I would love to see them come in and represent that division so that it did feel distinct and it did feel unique.”

Bischoff extrapolated, “The first thing that’s going to happen when you start migrating guys back and forth off the current RAW roster into the Cruiserweight division and you mix them up with some of the guys that are fresh that may come out of this Cruiserweight Classic, it’s going to dilute the feeling,” He said, “It’s going to be subliminal. It’ll be subconscious. People aren’t going to sit there and face-palm and bang their heads on sharp objects. They aren’t going to do that. But subliminally it’s going to kind of feel very similar.”

And in closing, “Before you know it, as soon as it starts happening,” Bischoff said, “It’ll lose it’s potential.”

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