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Eric Young About Possibly Joining WWE’s Roster

Over the weekend, Eric Young was granted his TNA release along with Bobby Roode. There’s be no word what’s next for Young, but rumors of him joining NXT are out there.

“Obviously, it’s a definite possibility,” said Young on Busted Open. “From the second that something was put up, of course, the parallels are being drawn and it’s something that’s definitely an option for me. The book is wide open and never in my career have I had that. I’ve always been a TNA guy… It’s exciting to say that I’m going to open another chapter. I’ve got a good foothold in pro wrestling and it’s cool to kind of be able to choose and have that ability because not everyone gets the choice. It’s a very cool thing, very flattering.”

For the past 12 years, Young only worked for TNA. He’s held every championship in the company and is the host for some non-wrestling TV shows.

There’s no word if Roode will be headed to WWE. Both wrestlers are now free agents and can work anywhere.

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  • TheMAG

    Well WWE might as well call the Carters and buy their whole damn roster.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      how much should WWE pay for the roster?

      • The Shockmaster

        $115 Million

      • jcice13

        that’s a question that no one here can answer with any sort of certainty.

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