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Was Erick Rowan Originally Scheduled To Appear On WWE RAW?

The reason Erick Rowan was used on Monday Night RAW this week was because WWE had already booked The Shield vs. The Wyatts in the main event. Harper had a family issue come up that wouldn’t allow him to be at TV this week. Thus Rowan taking Harper’s place in the match.

Rowan actually returned to WWE television earlier than expected as he returned in fourth months rather than the expected six.

It’s expected that as soon as the family issue is resolved, Harper will return to television.

Source: WrestlingObserver.com


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  • Chris

    Erick Rowan is so underrated.

    • LordDisco

      Rowan is fine for what he does. Luke Harper, on the otherhand, is severely underrated. He is absolutely the best in-ring worker of the Wyatts, and his mic skills have gotten so much better. His IC title reign was a waste, and WWE could have done so much more with him.

      Not only that, but letting the Wyatts be in tag championship contention should be a no-brainer right now. The tag division is getting so much better, and adding a pair of Wyatts would be amazing! Right now, there are only lightweights and technicians in the tag division. We need a heavyweight force, and a team like Rowan and Strowman would be PERFECT!

      • Michael King

        I think they should all stay together until after survivor series I really want to see all of them team up

        • Edynol

          Me too. All 4 Wyatts and Sheamus vs Reigns, Ambrose, Orton, and 2 others introduced at some point would be a good match I think. And then afterwards, the Wyatts start to split up. I still wanna see Harper turn face do some sort of biker gimmick like Taker did.

          • LordDisco

            I honestly don’t want the Wyatts to split any time soon. We need a strong faction that lasts a couple years, and the Wyatts is the perfect group to do it. They have great chemistry, and they all look awesome. If WWE just let them be a wrecking force and essentially take over the business, the “New Face of Fear” gimmick would be much more applicable. As it is now, they are a little confusing with no real direction.

            A Harper face turn in the future would definitely be awesome, but before that, WWE needs to write him into the script better. At this point, a babyface turn will not do anything for him. He needs to build real credibility, he needs to win the crowd over, and he needs to give us a reason to really want him to be a babyface. As for now, he’s perfect as a heel.

      • Chris

        I agree with you. Instead of having him drop the title to Ziggler at TLC, they should’ve had a Wyatt Family Triple-Threat Match for the title at Mania.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      I think Luke Harper is better.

  • bigfoot3169

    I would like Harper and Rowan feud with the Dudley for the tag titles. I don’t care who has the titles.

  • josh

    Add some more people to the Wyatt stable and have them run over everyone for a while, then have a massive blowout.

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