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Eva and Jo Jo Clip, News on Taker & HHH’s WWE DVD, Christian

– In the Total Divas After Party bonus clip below, Eva Marie and Jo Jo argue about riding together:

– WWE Superstar Christian, who is still apparently out with an injury, granted a wish backstage at Night of Champions on Sunday. Here he is with 18 year old Matthew from the Rainbow Connection organization:

Christian and Matthew

– As noted earlier, The Undertaker was one of the many names interviewed for WWE’s new Triple H DVD that comes out next week. Apparently Taker is featured heavily and actually requested to be a part of the DVD.

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  • John Cena 2004

    This is probably the first time we see Taker interview on a DVD since The American Badass

    • Devon

      Yeah right. Even the recent DVDs of his he wasn’t interviewed. Its cool that he will be in there. I wonder if he will make a rare out of character appearance.

    • Tommy Colosi

      kind of shocked after not doing the Foley or Punk DVD’s, where he plays a big role in both, he picked HHH. Maybe he’s not as much of a jerk as we all think (meaning HHH)

  • Tommy Colosi

    I know its not out till Tuesday but I’ve seen detailed review’s so has anyone seen it? the taker quote in the preview sounds like something from the “my yard” taker dvd from 02…


    To be honest, Eva says To be honest too much….

  • SdotC

    Nattie’s laughing like “yeah, because not ever driving is totally the same as driving -__-“… Even the twin was like “yeah b!tch, we’ve been around 5 years and even WE knew that rule” lol.

    I hated Eva at first and liked JoJo, but by the end of the season, my opinion did a total 180. I’m still not totally sold on Eva, at all. Give it a few years, and if she commits to the WWE rather than using it to pursue other activities after Total Divas is cancelled, and actually learns how to work, etc, even if she isn’t that good, as long as she’s trying she’ll get a pass because she’s smoking hot lol. But in her smoking hot defense, at least she’s very straight up about who she is,what her goals are, as well as her flaws and mistakes. Whereas Jojo comes across like she genuinely believes that she’s right with 100% conviction, and like Chris Jericho says, “all true heels think everyone else is wrong and they’re right”. She’s the only one on the show who seems more immature than Arianne, but in her (Cameron’s) defense, she has a lot going for her and I think when she does wise up with age, she’ll be a real catch. Jojo, on the other hand, just seems like a spoiled 12-year-old little girl who thinks this is her world and has zero appreciation for the opportunity she’s been afforded. She all-but said that she doesn’t even want to be a wrestler, she wants to be a singer, and if you watched the episode where she tries to sing (and fails hilariously once the spotlight is on), the way she pitches the idea of her singing makes it seem like that was her plan from the day she got the job. And I know it’s reality TV, but I like to think I’m really good at reading between the lines (cameras), and also, this After Party stuff helps connect the dots.

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