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Eve Torres Reveals Her Inspirations, Talks Kissing Khali and More

Eve Torres spoke with Zee News in India today while on tour overseas. Here are some highlights.

Her WWE career so far: “It has been an incredible journey. It`s been almost five years. I first started interviewing superstars backstage. Back then, I was intimidated by everything.

“I have been an executive, administrator and right now an assistant to Booker T. I am still a competitor in the ring and enjoy being a part of everything. I love the evolution of the character. It is necessary because when you stay in one mould for a long period of time, it becomes a little boring. It starts going in one dimension and the fans want to see you re-invent yourself. They want to get behind you.

Divas she looks up to: “I look up to Divas like Trish Stratus and Lita. They are very beautiful women and they are bad. They are strong and great competitors who can handle themselves. Women like that have continued to raise the bar at WWE. Today we have taken it one step further. The Divas brand is continuously evolving and I am proud to be a part of that.”

Working with The Great Khali: “The Great Khali is incredible. He is an international superstar and a movie star too. He is at the centre of attraction everywhere he goes. People are amazed by his huge size. He is a great competitor and a great kisser. I have kissed him on several occasions on Friday Night Smackdown. We have a good connection.”

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  • rob


  • Lol Eve, women of today have not taken one step further, you have taken ten steps back. Trish and Lita along with the women of their era proved why womens wrestling was just as much worth as mens wrestling, Mickie James and Melina were handed the torch after they retired. Mickie and Melina were doing a good job aswell. Everything went downhill around the time the division started focusing on short matches, Michelle McCool and pink and purple butterflies.

  • Chelsii.

    I can’t help but think Mindy hates females who can actually wrestle. Melina handed the torch? PFftttt AHHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA. More like she had her panties passed around.

  • GunShark

    In spite of the backstage bs, Melina could actually wrestle. What really killed the women’s division was Johnny Ace hiring a bunch of no-talent models instead of actual wrestlers. People stopped caring after they realised how god-awful these women were in the ring. Retiring the Women’s title and introducing the Divas’ butterfly belt sealed the deal.

    But, in all fairness, it was the right thing to do, since the majority of the current division would only tarnish the good name of those who held the Women’s Championship in the past. I wouldn’t even consider the current belt a title. It’s just an accessory that’s been passed around about as many times as Kelly Kelly has been passed around the men’s locker room.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Probably one of those rare(i mean very rare) occasions when you have to disagree with Mindy and Agree with Chelsii… its like something the WWE likes to call “Once in a Lifetime” 😛

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    “They want to get behind you”
    Yes EVE we definitely do 😛

  • Mindy

    Backstage rumors aside, Melina was one of the most talented and arguably the most innovative diva to grace WWE’s womens division. There’s a reason why Bret Hart called her the best in the world at one point. She was better than all of today’s divas except Nattie. Just watch her NOC 09 match against Michelle, FCA against Mickie 2007, Alicia on SuperStars in 2010, against Gail Kim before getting released.

  • Rg41982

    I like all the divas. I think they need there own show. They make a lil more mistakes in the ring but u can’t hate on and this is in my order Beth nattie eve Layla Kelly Kelly and the rest. They get better each week they just need longer matches. And all of those divas can wrestle better then otunga. He has the worst wrestling skills ever.

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