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Ex-Diva and Knockout at the Performance Center, WWE Edits Eddie Match

– WWE posted Eddie Guerrero’s last match against Ken Anderson on their website and edited out the unprotected chair shot to the head.

– Mickie James is in Orlando today at the WWE Performance Center and will be there all week as a guest trainer for the WWE developmental Divas. Mickie tweeted:

“Lovely to meet you too sweetie! @DevinTaylorWWE & all I can say is the @WWEPerformCtr blew me away! You guys & gals got it made! Amazing!”

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

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    Mickie James is best for business.

  • Rg41982

    I always liked mickie she thick from the waist down u know she got some good…wrestling skills.

    • YM5

      white girl, with a black p*ssy lol

      • Devon

        Lol!! U have seen those fuckin pics too!!! Nasty!!!

        • YM5

          yo, not for nothin, I’ve seen it before and its usually gross but it kinda works on her especially now thats shes super thick it probably looks pretty damn good

          • Devon

            Lol. Maybe

  • Bignic

    Because of the photos she will not get singed back with the company

    • Mario Peralta

      Those photos were way before she was with WWE the first time

      • The Batman

        I don’t see how that matters, all new contracts have that policy where NO photos/footage of indecency must exist. She will not get resigned, if she does… it’s just another two faced tactic by management.

        • Mario Peralta

          You’re right it don’t matter, I was stating that the guy above was incorrect. I know about their new policies so she wouldn’t be able to go back. Neither would Ashley, Maria, Candice Michelle, or Maryse for that matter.

          • The Batman

            I don’t see how he was incorrect.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Mickie James is my favorite female performer of all time. She is perfect.

  • Mario Peralta

    Why post a match if it is going to be edited? That kind of ruins the memory of the match

    • Guest

      wwe might not wanna admit it but that chair shot was what killed eddie

      • Alejandro

        That chair shot didn’t kill Eddie -_-

        • Trey Doss


      • The Batman


      • Mario Peralta

        Oh yeah, I forgot about that… probably because A) No it isn’t and B) No it isn’t

  • Miles Jubert Roberson

    I’m truly hoping this will lead to Micke’s return to WWE very soon lets all hope this happens

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