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Ex-TNA Champion for Thursday’s Impact Revealed

Dixie Carter revealed that Cincinnati Bengals Adam “Pacman” Jones is the former World title holder that will be returning to Impact Wrestling this Thursday night on spike TV. Despite never really competing in the company, Jones is a former TNA tag team champion.

Embedded in the video below is footage of Dixie revealing Thursday’s guest.

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  • Aaron

    TNA Gonna TNA!!!

  • You’ve got to be kidding me.

    • Trey Doss

      lol u quoted don west

  • jcice13

    WOW either I’m still hallucinating from lsd or dixie all munged up

  • Macho Man

    Just when I think TNA can’t get any worse or pathetic they prove me wrong! I hope it’s smoke n mirrors and Jarrett is really the one that comes back but I’m not holding my breath!

  • Tsall13

    Money well spent…. idiots… just like all 12 of you’re fans that will be left after the air time wasted on him

  • Alejandro

    Oh Dixie smh….

  • Z….

    unfortunately, this time there is no Ron “The Truth” Killings to at least try to help you not notice him

  • Iowa_Contact


  • Sting’s Dad


  • Stevewiser

    Is she trying to get heat or is she delusional?

    Edit: Think she’s just trying to get heat.

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