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Extreme Rules 2016 Results: Brute Crushes Lucha Dragon

In our second match of the night from Newark, we are getting the United States title match between Kalisto and Rusev.

Early on, it was just a continuation from RAW, with Rusev abusing Kalisto’s injured back. In the early going, there was very little Kalisto could do but absorb the punishment. It wasn’t until mid-match where Kalisto began to get some reversals in, and getting the momentum to tilt in his direction.

Kalisto hit a couple high risk maneuvers which paid off, but went for a third of the top rope, which Rusev met and slammed Kalisto spine first onto the apron. The officials were checking on Kalisto for an injury, at which point Rusev jumped in and slapped in the Accolade-so much so that Rusev was on his own back, getting a quick tap-out from the now former champion.

Your winner, and now 2-time US Champion, is Rusev.

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