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Extreme Rules 2016 Results: The Club’s Teamwork Stops Usos

The Usos meet The Club at the ramp and they fight around the ring. Jimmy Uso and Karl Anderson are working in the ring with the other halves are still outside. Tag combo off the apron gives The Club the advantage.  The Club works on Jey Uso and won’t let Jimmy in the ring. Anderson looked to hurt his leg on a running knee.

Both Usos get in the ring and hit a double super kick. The Usos’ double splash is reversed. Gallows tosses an Uso over the barricade and grabs the ring bell. Jimmy lands a super kick before being hit with the bell, but misses the splash. The Club with their finisher for the three.

WWE wonders if Usos will be involved in the main event now as they head to the back.

Extreme Rules play by play continues.

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