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Extreme Rules 2016 Results : Miz Retains In Instant Classic

It’s time for the much-hyped, greatly anticipated fatal fourway match for the Intercontinental Championship.

And man did it get off to an explosive start, as right out of the gate Sami Zayn took Kevin Owens out with a gnarly Helluva kick, and Miz was sent flying by a Cesaro uppercut.

Much of the early match was spent as a one on one affair with Zayn and Cesaro working each other over. Miz eventually made a comeback to make things interesting, and just as we thought we might get an incredible corner spot, Owens recovered and singled out Sami.

Ultimately, I pity those doing play by play because once all four got involved, this pace was intense, high spot followed high spot, and no one was separating from the pack. We started to get near fall after near fall, including Miz tapping out to Cesaro, but Maryse had the official distracted.

In the end, Zayn appeared to have Cesaro laid out and pinned. Owens pulled Zayn out, and Sami snapped, flinging Owens all over the place. But while he was doing that, Miz snuck in and pinned Cesaro for the win, and the unlikely retention.

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