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Fan CM Punk Attacked Considering Hiring an Attorney

Laura Cole revealed in a local news report in the Sacramento area that Charles Schmidt, the wrestling fan who was attacked by CM Punk during Monday’s Raw, is considering hiring an attorney for a possible lawsuit following the incident.

The news report noted that local police are not following up on the incident because at the time the police report was filed, Schmidt said he did not want to press charges. Tuesday, Cole reached out to Schmidt, who noted he is considering a suit.

Schmidt said in a post-Raw interview that he did not touch Punk before Punk struck him, was “a little upset with Punk,” and was mainly “just shocked about how his night of entertainment ended with him getting smacked on live TV.”

Footage of the news story can be seen embedded below.

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  • Muscleman

    I am beginning to think that this guy (whatever his name is) is a cheap gold-digging idiot. He should be banned from attending WWE events in the future. Unfortunately, or fortunately – depending on whose side you are on – he may soon be smiling all the way to the bank.

  • Striker9

    This guy is a LIAR! Although he wasn’t the one that gave CM Punk the shove….if you watch the video he has his hand up as if he is gonna slap him in the back of the head….then he points in the air and considers doing it again….then he PURPOSELY knocked him in the back of the head. He was the last one CM Punk saw do something so he got what he deserved really.

  • Rybork

    @Muscleman, i certainly disagree. The video clearly shows that guy accidently slapped him in the back of the head. The only person who deserved what Punk did was the guy who shoved Punk twice. Also if you look closely, the guy behind the guy who got knocked out, pushed him into Cm Punk.

  • glitch

    why does every next post on the same issue always confict with eachother?

  • glitch

    you guys are worse than the nfl replacement refs when it comes to vision. if you are still arguing that the guy who cm punk smacked touched punk at any time, you need to a) schedule and eye exam immediatetly and b)loosen the suction between your mouth and punk’s nuts.

  • Alpha_Omega

    “just shocked about how his night of entertainment ended with him getting smacked on live TV.”

    I’m not one for violence but it did look funny and made for good TV lol

  • Joseph

    I watched 3 different videos and while Punk did hit the wrong guy, this guy DID hit him in the head. Although it looked like an accident.

  • Heisenberg

    Show me the money!! Punk!! Hah! Hahaha!! This is it!! Big bucks coming!!

  • Punk attacked the wrong guy, therefore the guy should sue, get a refund and Punk should apologize to the guy aswell.

  • Danielh

    This just ruins it for everyone else. He didn’t get hurt. WWE should just mend things up with him maybe offer free tickets to a pay per view and pay for travel & lodging expenses and let that be it. You shouldn’t be allowed to sue for something that was by accident especially when you didn’t get hurt. Say goodbye to wrestlers interacting with fans by wrestling or traveling through the audience…. They can’t afford to because they might get “sued” This is just silly.

  • Casey

    He didn’t get hurt? He got punched in the face by a man who is very familiar with how to hurt people. Like glitch said, you all need to stop sucking off CM Punk. Like his character if you want, but Punk fucked up.

  • Danielh

    ^^^ Its called an accident and they do happen and no he didn’t get hurt. He got slapped in the face the worst of his damages is simply being embarrassed. This sue happy society of ours is a joke

  • Hawkins

    @Striker9 hahahaha wtf was you watching…i saw that guy putting on his shades and then wham!! And you know whats so fucked up about this whole thing…the guy who actually was hitting punk was bragging about it on TWITTER!!! hahaha what kind of shit is that!?!

  • Fritz

    Yeah, Punk slipped and punched the guy. Twice.

  • Striker9

    Glitch! WATCH EVERY VIDEO! not that 10 second video. There are a few videos from different angles. Watch it and keep YOUR eyes on the dudes hands AND his gestures CLOSELY! YOU my friend are the one that needs an eye exam.

  • Striker9

    You two Hawkins!

  • Striker9

    Guys, Punk was touched by more than one person. The guy bragging is the one that pushed punk into the isle. Just please watch dudes hand and tell me he didnt do anything. He did what he did on purpose and TRIED to make it look like an accident after the initial douchebag hit punk.

  • snoopy

    all of u be quiet, you would do exactly what he is doing. he didnt do anything wrong and punk hit the him for no reason, this guy will sue, just like all of u would

  • juni

    Why does every grown up man these days act like a pussy? Punk made a fucking mistake for god’s sake and apologized, just forgive and let it go bitch

  • lel

    It’s a bitch move in my opinion to sue.

    I won’t lie though, I’d sue anyways since its money talk and you can’t say no to free money.

  • Danielh

    I am probably going to be sued for disagreeing with WWE or Punk getting sued. This dude sounds and looks like a punk.

  • later marks

    I can understand both points of view but at the end of the day Punk felt threatened, was being shoved, and he felt somebody hit him in the back of the head; accident or not you have to understand why he would punch the guy.

  • Kristine

    Get your tongues away from Punk’s skinny fat ass hole and admit that he is wrong for once.

  • CDS

    why doesn’t this guy use his head and see where punk was coming from. all he’s doing is being self-absorbed with the narrow thinking of “oh I got hit.” it was clearly a hostile environment with people threatening to push a wrestler down the stairs and hitting him and then in a one in a million occurrence he was standing where the perpetrator should have been. why doesn’t he go after the guy who committed the assault for putting him in harms way and creating the problem? if he can sue Punk why can’t Punk sue those two people that hit him? this guy should stop being a leech and a sissy and ask for some free merchandise, some autographs, and a backstage pass…drop the lawsuit.

  • stone cold

    the fan got hit 2 times.chicago style

  • stone cold


  • 51

    I wouldn’t sue the WWE I would tell them to pay my plane tickets and give me free front row seats for every PPV

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