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Fan Reports on John Cena’s Status, More on WWE’s Top Finishers, Extreme Rules, Santino

– WWE United States Champion Santino Marella and Hornswoggle will be appearing at the Steiner Sports Store in Garden City, New York on June 16th from 2-4pm. Advance ticket purchase is suggested.

– WWEDVDNews reports that the sole extra on WWE’s Extreme Rules 2012 DVD will be a Matt Striker interview with WWE Champion CM Punk. Extreme Rules hits North American stores on May 28th.

– WWEDVDNews has also released the second synopsis for WWE’s Top 50 Greatest Finishers DVD and Blu-ray, which hits stores in North America on August 21st:

“It’s a countdown of the top 50 finishing moves in WWE History! Watch all your favorite WWE Superstars as they countdown the best finishing moves, and discuss each one along the way. Plus Disc 2 and 3 include over 6 hours of bonus matches, including many tag team matches, where you can see many of the top finishing moves performed in the one match. Moves that are sure to be included are: The Stone Cold Stunner, Rock Bottom, Pedigree, Sweet Chin Music, Tombstone, Go To Sleep and more. Did your favorite WWE finishing move make the list?”

– Fan reports from Friday’s RAW live event in Glens Falls and Saturday’s event in Syracuse say that John Cena appeared out of it, uninterested, tired and out of energy. Cena defeated The Miz on Friday and Dolph Ziggler on Saturday.

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  • Wuge

    C’mon cena.. Time to not to rise above hate towards your soon to be ex-wife!

  • jessica

    I feel so sorry for Cena. He has done so much for this company yet the fans still boo and disrespect the guy not to mention he has his own personal life to deal with as well. The guy just can’t catch a break.

  • michelle

    I agree Jessica..

  • Woo Woo Woo!

    ^Cena’s hoeskis!

  • C.I.T.M

    If a man can’t stand being boo’d,He’s in the wrong business

  • Alex

    It’s not a case of being boo’d, remember all the times he says stuff like “you have the right to show whatever you think of me”?. It’s a case of being respected; despite all the work he does, he’ll never be accepeted by some folks.

  • david

    let’s go cena. CENA SUCKS let’s go cena CENA SUCKS

  • Wuge

    I really think that Cena is gonna have some kind of burnout, if his life stays on that track too long.

  • BrandiAz

    It’s funny. We all know about how hard Cena works, about his insane travel schedule. Part of that might have been about him trying to escape the turmoil at home by throwing himself into work. Now, though his body probably really needs the rest, spending time to recuperate at home would be even worse emotionally. I feel for him. Hang in there, Cena.

  • Rg41982

    Cena is a hard worker I boo and cheer him I think he’s cool. But you know he can ask for some time off thought he was gonna take it after extreme rules. We all need time off even from mcds.

  • Mikey

    @C.I.T.M. Wow, a little late for that, huh? He’s been getting the mixed reaction for 6 or so years, and they haven’t made him go insane, and he’s taken it in stride, even after harsh ones like One Night Stand 2006 and MITB last year. The thing with Cena now is his relationship issues, which gives more of a reason for him to take time off and think about the future. Mental burnout could very well be dangerous in planning and executing pro wrestling matches, especially a threat to whoever he wrestles.

    He can take time off and the company won’t suffer, as CM Punk is more than capable of taking control as face of the company, Orton and Sheamus are also big time faces. He’s more than earned time off anyways.

  • boodamf

    Its Only a matter of time until we hear about John Cena abusing drugs.

  • Jimmy

    Cena hasn’t had a break in forever, he’s got some nagging injuries and now he’s going through a divorce. If WWE’s higher ups have any brains, they will let him take some time off before he has a breakdown.

  • havok

    what he should do is take a couple months off….cause if he doesnt have his shit together in the ring…somebody is gonna get hurt and then he’ll have something else to be sad about.

  • JR

    Some of yall are stupid . Cena asked for the divorce it was something he wanted. Why would he have any emotional problems. Now all of a sudden fans are noticing a “change” in him . Please guys always making some fucking assumptions

  • Wuge

    ^ You think that you wouldn’t be broke at all, if you are the one to ask for the divorce? It won’t mean that Cena still wouldn’t have feelings for her soon to be ex-woman, or sad feelings ’cause he might not know why everything ended up like this, when they first love’d each other.

  • Erwin

    ^maybe so but think about the possibilities. I’m pretty sure there’ll be no shortage of women who wants to fuck Cena, he’s not gonna get lonely. He was probably just frustrated that his wife is going to take 18 millions from him.

  • Wuge

    Haha, never know.. But still, there’s many ways to be sad and frustrated about.. We will never know why cena acted like that.

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