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Fan Struck by CM Punk on Raw Speaks Out

Embedded in the video above is an interview with the fan that got struck by CM Punk on Monday’s episode of Raw.

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  • maxpower

    People are acting like Punk broke his jaw, get Punk to say sorry and move on.

  • Bad News Bro

    It’s just an overall fucked situation.

    The fan did not deserve it, that’s obvious, but you got to understand Punk’s perspective. There’s a good portion of WWE fans that are just out of their fucking minds, they hop the barricade and rush the ring, they’ll try and stalk the Divas, I mean, Roddy Piper’s been stabbed THREE times in his career. There was little to no security around him when the incident occurred, multiple people were shoving and touching him, and then when he thought he was being struck, he “defended” himself.

    Obviously, no blame resides on this fan, but I wouldn’t be so quick to pin it on Punk either. If anyone is to blame, I’d say it’s WWE’s or the arena’s for not enforcing security to stand by and clear the way when they knew that’s how the segment was going to end. Let’s say this incident didn’t even occur, with no one there to get the fans back, the whole closing shots of Punk were a cluster-fuck of fans smiling and trying to hog the camera in what was supposed to be a serious and dramatic moment.

  • scottlund

    this whole situation reminds me of when jericho punched that girl in the face

  • As crazy as fans are you don’T think that cm punk could have hadled a little shoving..? To avoid a situation like this that will linger over the company for weeks. Bad publicity. Legal ramifications I’m sure.

  • Rg41982

    Punk kicked your ass. Why speak out when what I saw u got jaw jacked. I would have at least tried to snatch the belt.

  • Old School

    I’m only surprised Linda’s political opponent hasn’t jumped on this.

  • Give CM PUKE (no I didn’t accidently misspell it) a chance to show how tough a SOB he really IS: let him face BOTH CENA and RYBACK in a HELL IN A CELL 3-WAY MATCH,the winner being the Beltholder.

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