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Fandango Suffers a Broken Nose at Today’s Raw

Fandango suffered a broken nose on Monday’s episode of Raw in his match against the Miz. The injurry occurred when Fandango took a stiff shot to the face. The announcers mentioned that the bleeding finally stopped during the commercial break that aired on the WWE App.
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  • Devon

    Fandango finishes a match for 5 minutes after breaking his fuckin nose. Sin Cara dislocates a fuckin finger & bitchass cries & wants the match stopped. Fandango is truly tough. I gained so much respect for him

    • Trey Doss

      i was thinking the same thing

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Still tlaking about the Sin Cara incident huh?

    • Chrislis Tei

      The best example is Bret Hart. He dislocated his finger in the match where he first won the WWF Championship, and just popped it back in himself. Sin Cara is a wuss and a terrible, terrible wrestler.

  • Abudadein

    Vader had his eyeball knocked out of the socket by Stan Hansen early in a match in Japan, and went on to deliver a hell of a match.

  • Edynol

    Good on Fandango. Unlike some others who shall remained masked, I mean unnamed, he really showed his dedication to the business. I bet he’s earned some high marks from the higher-ups. To bad he had to lose, but man he has a lot more respect from now, and I already respected him a lot. That’s the mark of a true superstar, working through an injury and not letting it affect your performance.

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