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Fans Jump Crowd Control Barrier on Tonight’s Raw

A fan jumped the crowd control barrier at Monday’s Raw and got in the ring during the Ryback vs. The Miz match. The fan was tackled by security and assisted out of the ring and while cameras cut away, the fan was briefly shown on television. Here is a photo from the match.

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Another fan accompanied this fan but was taken down by ring announcer, Justin Roberts. Neither Michael Cole nor Jim Ross made reference to the fan interference.

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  • Truth

    This should happen more often during Ryback squash matches. Especially the planned Ryback squash match that’s going to see CM Punk get squashed by that no talent pile of garbage Ryback.

    If more people rushed the ring to try to attack Ryback, maybe WWE will get the hint that the character sucks and people are tired of seeing Ryback squashing people ever week.

    Seriously, I’ve seen the “smart marks” gushing over Ryback recently. These are the same “smart wrestling fans” who say they hate John Cena because he’s got a low move set. Ryback’s even worse, but you guys can’t get enough of him. The “internet marks” will boast about how they are smarter than everyone else because they only enjoy “real wrestlers.” Meaning they claim that only someone of CM Punk’s caliber of in-ring ability. But those same marks can’t get enough Ryback.

    Can anyone tell me when the hell the word smart stopped meaning “intelligent person?”

  • idiots.

  • I agree with Truth.

  • Chelsii.

    Fans have gone craaazzzzyyyyy.

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