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Fans Really Want Ryback at HIAC, WWE Stars Get Dark Wins at NXT, Ryder, More

– As a reminder, Zack Ryder will be appearing at the Long Island Auto Show at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York today from 7pm until 9pm.

– WWE will be running three Supershows this weekend in Jonesboro, Arkansas tonight, in Jackson, Tennessee on Saturday and Knoxville, Tennessee on Sunday. CM Punk, Sheamus and Ryback are the top stars advertised for each show. As noted, Punk vs. Ryback is scheduled for this weekend.

– WWE has closed their Twitter poll asking fans to vote on CM Punk’s Hell In a Cell opponent. Ryback won over John Cena with a whopping 69% of the vote.

– Here are the dark matches from last night’s WWE NXT tapings at Full Sail University:

* Dean Ambrose beat Dante Dash

* Damien Sandow beat Tyson Kidd

* The Usos beat Darren Young and Titus O’Neil

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  • RKO

    By seeing the results I wish they would make John Cena turn Heel by attacking Ryback but I know that’s not going to happen

  • Heisenberg

    Ryback is the hottest commodity in WWE as of the moment. And the fans are curious on how he’ll do against Punk.

  • It could be the fact we are sick to death of seeing CM Punk in the title picture and we want a change!

  • Mark Black

    There are 2 reasons why most people want Ryback vs Punk:

    1. Because we don’t want YET another Punk vs Cena match.

    2. Because if Punk faces Ryback then he will retain the WWE Title for sure. There’s no way Ryback will win the WWE Title, not yet.

  • Tmoney

    Good points mark

  • Chelsii.

    Jessica, you must be a Cena fan. Fucking dopehead. LOL


    Ryback can’t win without it being a DQ because then taht would devalue every storyline they’ve built up to this point.

    – Heyman being there as much as I’ a fan of his, wouldn’t make sense, unless he builds Dangerous Alliance V2.

    – Rock has no history with Ryback so que rematch clause.

    – If Cena screws Punk out of the title, it would end a feud that pretty much sprouted when Punk was on Commentary, 2010, a 2years feud ending in a singles match?

    – Cena or Ryback would have to turn heel if not tweener(which Cena doesn’t realise he is already) to feud, this isn’t Batista v Taker let alone HBK vs Taker.

    – Your comment has so may flaws, it’s ridiculous but every is entitled to their opinion :) .

  • Joseph

    People are sick of Cena being in the title picture. And the fact that Cena will be the guy to beat Flair’s record makes me sick.

  • havok

    cena doesnt need the title anymore 12 times in 7 years and most of those reigns shouldnt even be counted considering how short they were…id rather have punk break sammartinos record then cena be world champion again…and i like how on tv they said they were dead even in the polls, fucking liars

  • DemYx


    Thank you for your irrelevant opinion ..

    Your Welcome !

  • havok

    good job using two superstars catchphrases, you must be really funny in person

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