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Fans Upset at WWE Live Event, Reason for Cesaro Missing Live Events, More

– Antonio Cesaro has been absent from WWE live events this week because of promotional work he has been doing for the company in Munich, Germany. Here are photos from his appearance on Sky Sports News and a Be A Star Rally.

Antonio Cesaro on Sky Sports Antonio Cesaro at a Be A Star Rally

– The Daily Record published an article about The Bella Twins and The Prime Time Players appearance at a Be A Star rally at John Paul Academy in Summerston, Glasgow, Scotland.

– Readers sent word that fans were pretty upset at the WWE Live Event in Birmingham, England today for Daniel Bryan not appearing as advertised. Bryan was wrestling at a live event in Munich, Germany. In the main event between Randy Orton and The Big Show, fans erupted with boos and at one point a Daniel Bryan chant broke out. Orton took the mic and said, “Daniel Bryan isn’t here because I beat his ass. He’s gone.”

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  • kxj

    daniel puts ppl in the seats, more random chants and he’ll get a solid WWE title run

    • mika009

      That’s why I don’t like him. when he was out there wrestling he was going nowhere. He grows that nasty ass beard and hair and starts dumb ass chants and now everyone loves him. I guess no matter the size looks and gimmicks are more important, but then again it’s been like that for a long time.

      • Rick Yuhnke

        Interesting point, but you need to look at the booker. Vince and company have faith in which stars in the WWE? Cena. Guys like Mysterio, Bryan, Punk are never going to be the man for the WWE. Sure, all have had the belt, but Vince believes you and I want to see larger (steroided) than life (Great Khali, Ryback) over guys who have talent. Bryan will be WWE champ again one day perhaps, but he will not have that beard.

        • mika009

          I know the big man theory that’s not what I was talking about. I’m just tired of seeing guys with wrestling talent come in and they do nothing until they get some stupid gimmick or catch phrase that’s then crammed down our throat. And there hasn’t been a real booker in wrestling for a long time, it’s all writers now.

  • Rg41982

    Brayan will be champ again. I don’t see why fans are upset. Can’t be the same all the time.

    • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

      Fans were upset because they paid money to see him and he wasn’t there. And WWE doesn’t offer refunds anymore. They lure people in with false advertising and then refuse to give your money back.

      • Abudadein

        I went to a show in Toronto and The Great Khali wasn’t advertised, but he ended up being on the card. I asked for a refund and they refused. So now I bring a sign to events that reads: “If Khali Steps into the Ring, We Riot!”

        • Rick Yuhnke

          Well stated

    • sonik

      Unfortunately, he won’t be champ soon, because officials blame him for bad PPV sells and because of that they push big guy (Show, Harper, Khali) cause it’s “best for business” and they think that PPV sells will increase.

      • Rick Yuhnke

        Blame him. Makes sense. Horrible undercard, nondecision main events does not help. When a card bombs, it is the champ or last champ that should take the blame and that would be Randall. I have no idea what they see in him, to me, he lacks anything that should make a champ

    • Abudadein

      I love Brayan! He’s my favourite wrestler, along with Bry Wyatt and Bray Daniel. I’m hoping they all team up at the Survivor Rumble!

    • Ya Boy J Black

      Wait when was Bryan champion, oh yeah you mean that one day over a 3 month period. That’s why people are upset.

  • Jacob’s Verbal Fist

    Fans should chant Bryan’s name non-stop during the Orton-Show match at Survivor Series. That would really chap Vince’s ass.

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