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Fastlane 2016 Results: Brie Fights, Charlotte Wins

WrestleMania 30
It’s time for our emotionally charged Divas championship match. So emotional, Brie is wearing her recently-retired husband’s kickpads from his WrestleMania 30 wins. Kind of amazing they look good on her, and him…

Early on, Charlotte took the opportunity to start taunting Brie, but to her credit, Brie when given the opportunity was happy to do her best Ric Flair impression. And, in between spoofs, they did some actual wrestling, too.

We also got to see something we rarely see from Divas-blood-as Charlotte was cut on the bridge of her nose at some point toward the earlier portion of the match.

Just when it appeared to be Charlotte in control, Brie came on with a flurry of offense and things suddenly got really close.

Brie appeared to have Charlotte down and out, but appeared to injure herself during a missile dropkick. She was able to get Charlotte into both a Yes! Lock (not the greatest), and then a half crab, but Charlotte was able to escape and apply the Figure 8 and retain.

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