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Fastlane 2016 Results: Cutting Edge Peep Show

Tonight, instead of getting a tag team championship match, we get an edition of The Cutting Edge Peep Show featuring New Day.

Which wasn’t all bad, because we quickly got reminded of just how excellent Edge and Christian are on the mic, with a number of zingers. And when 2 of the 3 come out wearing goofy unicorns, and the third has a bad haircut that looks like he’s wearing one of The Genius’s scroll things on his head…well…zingers should be easy to come by.

New Day said they were better than every other team, but for some odd reason, they keyed on League of Nations, which ultimately brought the foursome out to the ring. And after they hit the ring, New Day quickly bailed, leaving the League to talk down to the retired duo.

Edge and Christian eventually got out, leading them to say that they were going to give Cleveland a 5 second pose, but they’d let the International House of Dumbasses do that. New Day had a laugh with the duo in the aisle, as the segment ended with Edge chanting “watch our show”.

Love seeing E and C, but seriously? Kind of a waste on the PPV. Doesn’t really set up a good tag team program for the champions, and we don’t get a tag team title defense on the show either.

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