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Feed Ryback Cake, WWE Looks at Ryback Replacements, New Barrett Theme?, Dawkins

– Wade Barrett told DigitalSpy.com that he hopes the band Manic Street Preachers will be recording a theme song for him. He said:

“They [Manic Street Preachers] did an interview last week where they were asked about my tattoo, ‘Have you heard of Wade Barrett from the WWE?’ and they said, ‘Yeah, we love his tattoo, we’d actually love to write his theme music’. So hopefully, fingers crossed, over the next weeks and months we can get something working on that,” Barrett said. “I’ve let the guys in the WWE in the musical department know about it and they’re going to get in touch with the Manics. So fingers crossed we’ll get some new theme music in soon.”

– WWE NXT talent Angelo Dawkins’ profile has been re-added to the roster. His profile was removed last week while his photo was being updated.

– WWE’s website has a new article up looking at possible final members for Team Foley at Survivor Series. They list – Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Brodus Clay, Tyson Kidd and The Miz.

– Ryback turned 31 years old on Saturday.

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  • me

    Well the fact that they mention Miz in that means that he probably won’t be the replacement. Damn, I was looking forward to a face Miz. :/

  • havok

    they could definitely use that final spot as a way to help build up a young talent who hasnt had a lot of time on the main roster or someone who is being repackaged

  • Mick

    Jack Swagger, Christian, or Miz, are my top 3 candidates.

  • Jarryn

    Miz is the only heel they listed to join a babyface team…foreshadowing perhaps?

  • dbol

    wade barrett and manic street preachers combo!!!? the barage ill only get stronger

  • Rybork Laserback

    Nice job keeping Miz’s face turn a surprise WWE.

  • Opie

    I heard Christian was returning in November Hopefully he will be the one to join Team Foley

  • Mark Black

    YES PLEASE Christian should join team Foley!!!!!!!!!!!

    2012 has been a somewhat shitty year for Christian. He’s been out with an injury almost the entire year. And when he did wrestle, he was the IC Champion instead of World Champion and to make things worse, he loses to IC Title to The Jizz on the most important RAW of the year RAW 1000.

    I hope Christian comes back and goes after the World Title!!!!!!! Not the U.S. Title or whatever.

    Christian deserves better WWE you dumb fucks!!!

  • WeWantChristian

    #ChristianForTeamFoley #WeWantChristian

  • rob

    Let Tyson Kidd be the final member of team foley. Have him pick up 1-2 huge pins and start his singles push.

  • notmuch.supwitchu?

    Yeah, but that would actually make sense, rob. Tyson is fun to watch. Somebody, please, push the guy!

  • Some Guy

    The only bad thing about Kidd was that goofy looking patch of hair he had in the front. Now that he got that fixed he looks normal.

    In my opinion the only reason he doesn’t get pushed is the history between Vince and The Hitman. (I could be wrong.)

  • stone cold hates lisa.

    make sure ryback doesnt eat anybody

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    @Some Guy: Nope… it’s because Tyson Kidd’s tiny. That’s the reason he doesn’t get pushed. Even though guys like Punk, Bryan, and now potentially Ziggler getting the chance to hold main event titles, guys in that 210-220 pound range and around the 6′ mark are probably as small as WWE brass is willing to go. At 195 (or at least billed at 195) Tyson Kidd isn’t terribly skinny, but the fact that he’s only 5’9″ works against him.

    The word is, though, that WWE wants to get Tyson Kidd a good tag partner, and that if Evan Bourne comes back healthy and keeps himself clean, he’d be the guy. I don’t see them letting Kidd hold singles gold, though. Maybe a tag run.

    Then again, given their treatment of Natalya (now, with Beth gone, she’s their best in-ring performer on the Diva side by a country mile), there might be something to your statement.

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