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Your Feedback: Who Will Be The Number 1 Draft Pick?

After what seems like months, the WWE Draft is finally here. The landscape of the WWE will change, at least until there’s another draft or if the whole idea is scrapped. Whatever WWE decides, be sure to check WrestleNewz’s SmackDown coverage and also visit our Twitter account (@WrestleNewz) for the latest Draft updates.

With all this talk of the Draft, we have some questions and want your feedback.

We want to know who will be the top pick in WWE’s Draft?

Who is joining the main roster from NXT?

Any surprise names?

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  • McGruff405

    I’m calling it Ambrose will probably be first then Rollins or vice versa. At some point before or after the results of the main event they will announce both brands will have a world champion.

    • DexDude

      I agree that’s what seems likely and by the finish of the match of RAW it seems it’s Rollins to RAW (as the new champ) and Ambrose to SD! (as their champ).

      The only thing that throws this off is what happens in the triple threat if there are 2 champs going in? Just Ambrose’s title on the line? Does that make sense since it would be SD! exclusive? Do they change the match all together (Have two matches instead, although that doesn’t seem likely). Maybe it’s going to be AFTER Battleground that they announce that both shows will have titles.. or maybe they just did all this because it was interesting? Who knows.

      • BigBen1980

        Did you not see that Ambrose retained? And that there is a rematch tonight?

      • PlanoStu

        Ya know what a good swerve would be? Shane gets 1st pick and takes Rollins

  • BigBen1980

    Seth Rollins. Steph has the first pick, and she HATES Ambrose.

  • Zack

    Kama Mustafa

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