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Final WWE Raw Rating Is In

Monday’s episode of Raw scored 2.96 cable TV rating which is barely up from last weeks 2.92 rating.

As noted earlier the show averaged 4,227,000 viewers, up 4% from last week. Here is the hourly breakdown:

– 4.08 million viewers the first hour.
– 4.30 million viewers the second.
– 4.31 million viewers for the final third hour.

It’s worth nothing that last years post-Extreme Rules Raw episode scored a 3.33 rating and averaged 4.89 million viewers.

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  • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

    No Cena on Raw = HIGHER RATINGS!!!!!! take notes WWE.

    • Vlad Utvlasceanu

      Here we go again, more & more Cena bash!!Man it is not about Cena or Lesnar not being there helped the ratings up but Pre & Post PPV shows always get a bigger ratings than normal weeks.

      Always ratings depends on how the programs in other channels are.

      And if still say No Cena = Higher Ratings then No Punk = Highest Ratings!!

  • Marcus G Mims

    they need the Rock

    • Rob

      I think he alrdy did enough….

      • James

        Nope. Ratings have been down since rock left

        • Rob

          Ratings? I’m talking about wrestling. He was barley even on Raw when he was the champion. God forbid he had free television “WRESTLING” match on Raw.

  • Rako

    Last year was Two hour show fools. Ofcourse it was high. Three hours is hurting them bad.

  • Anonymous Raw GM

    Hilarious how the ratings have fallen ever since the Great One parted ways xD .. Funny those whiny lil bitches backstage cant even prove their worth now that he isnt even there..

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