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First-Ever TNA HOF Tonight, Very Disappointing News for TNA, More

– Jeremy Borash revealed on Twitter that the finalists of TNA’s UK Boot Camp reality show are headed to Phoenix for the Bound For Glory festivities. It’s possible that Rockstar Spud, Marty Scurll and The Blossom Twins may appear on one of the pre-shows or the actual pay-per-view itself this weekend.

– Hulk Hogan has made claims in the past, even as recent as this past week, that Mickey Rourke’s role in The Wrestler movie was originally written for him. The Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky shot down those claims on Twitter:

“for the record the role of the wrestler was always @mickeyrourke it was never hulk hogan’s as he claims on @howardstern”

– In what has to be disappointing news going into the biggest event of the year, Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling drew 1,118,000 viewers for a 0.86 rating. In comparison, the Vice Presidential debate drew 51.4 million viewers and the Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Tennessee Titans NFL game drew around 5.6 million viewers.

The 2011 Impact episode right before Bound For Glory drew 1.44 million viewers while the 2010 episode drew 1.73 million viewers.

– The first-ever TNA Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place today from the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Sting will be inducted and at best we know, he will be inducted by Dixie Carter. There were rumblings about WWE Superstar Christian or Lex Luger inducting him but Christian’s appearance may have been nixed altogether, we’re not sure yet. We hope to have more details from the ceremony later. Highlights likely won’t be available until Sunday’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

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  • Muscleman

    Why in hell is Dixie Carter the one inducting Sting into the TNA HOF? Aren’t there several other people better suited for the role? That is a simple proof of how pointless the TNA HOF is. And why would a 10-year-old organization even consider starting a HOF? About Hogan, he is an attention-hungry old man.

  • showoff

    even hogan would be better suited inducting sting into this pointlesss hof. honestly who the hell is even guna go into this aint nobody even retire there yet.

  • jayman

    51.4 million damn

  • Brandon

    I would have liked to see flair induct sting because of all the history and matches they have had.

  • Z…..

    anyone else notice the extreme drop in viewers during the hogan era? I wonder what the number was before the 2009 BFG, which would be around the time that TNA was beginning to get its highest ratings ever, consistently getting 1.3s. The night after 2009 BFG was the night Nigel debuted (I think)

  • mossy

    no-one cares about the TNA Hall Of Fame

  • Fuck Off

    I think there may be more to TNA’s recent ratings funk than people just watching other things. Hulk Hogan’s sex tape did hit the Internet last Thursday morning. Maybe parents don’t want their kids to watch TNA anymore since it’s main figurehead has a sex tape.

  • vasp

    Dixie and Jeff Jarret are the only who should do the 1st inductee cause they build the company

  • Kristine

    Who cares about TNA’s pointless HOF?

  • Adam

    So it went up against the debate? If thats the case, it was not too bad that they dont lose more.

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